France - World | The site vente-privé accused of deception on prices

The Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) suspects the site vente-privé of misleading commercial practice.

Inflate the base price, and therefore the discount

"Specifically, it is alleged that the company has sought to give its customers the illusion of doing
a good deal by putting in place various fraudulent strategies to build a "price of
fictitious reference ", written by the DGCCRF in a press release on Thursday.

In other words, over-evaluate the base price to better inflate its delivery afterwards, and give the impression to customers to achieve the deal of the century with discounts sometimes exceeding -80%.

The investigation was based on findings made on the company's website and on the analysis of documents seized during searches carried out in June 2016 on its premises.

"No pursuit to day" defends the group

The company, which specializes in online destocking of major brands and founded in 2001 by Jacques-Antoine Granjon, "strongly contests any fraudulent strategies to build a fictitious reference price".

The group, which specifies not to be the subject of "any prosecution to date", is not able to make more comment on a procedure covered by secrecy and to which it has not yet had access.

A "special attention" on distance selling

Distance selling on the internet, especially in the form of "event" sales, the press release states, is the subject of "special attention" by the DGCCRF services, which control the loyalty of prices and practices. promotional.

Indeed, "unfair practices consisting in announcing deceptive price reductions built on illusory reference prices skew consumer choices and disrupt the smooth functioning of markets by inducing unfair competition," says the DGCCRF.

Proceedings against 19 signs

Regular surveys are thus conducted to combat this type of deceptive marketing practices.

In particular, these investigations led the organization to open recently litigation proceedings against 19 online retail banners, which resulted in the payment of several million euros in fines in connection with criminal transactions.