Fortnite: The Ice King covers the snow map and makes zombies appear! - Fortnite

Once the 7.20 update is deployed on the servers, players could see a sphere appear above the castle of Polar Peak, as well as messages on televisions announcing the approach of a storm. Televisions have subsequently posted a countdown that was to end this Saturday at 20 hours precisely.

Thus, the players present in play this Saturday at 8 pm were able to see in real time the sphere explode before auroras appear to represent the Ice King. This giant version of the King has invoked a snowstorm that completely covered Fortnite Island with snowlike what we saw on December 25th. Only in addition to covering the map with snow and fog, ice peaks have appeared, from which different creatures - which of course will have to be killed - come out.

Also, like what some players found in the 7.20 update files, a new set of challenges is now available as Ice Storm. Unlike 14 days of Fortnite, this time the players will be entitled to two challenges per day, until Thursday. Once all 13 challenges have been completed, players will receive a sled as a reward.