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Flight cancellations in winter Storm Harper go until Monday

The USA TODAY weather map shows a strong winter, moving across the Great Lakes on Saturday, January 19, 2019. (Photo: USA TODAY Weather)

Last update: 9:30 am ET. Next update: Until 12:30 ET.

Flight headaches were on the rise on Saturday as a strong winter storm moved from the Midwest to the Northeast.

The cancellations of airlines increased, some flights on Monday were already out of the books. Overall, more than 2,400 flights were canceled from Friday to Monday. That number would probably increase as the storm moved northeast. All major US airlines have waived change fees at many airports on the way of the storm.

For Saturday, more than 1,135 flights had been canceled nationwide, with another 537 being delayed at 9:30 am ET. according to flight tracking service FlightAware.

Already on Sunday, the airlines had already prematurely canceled more than 785 flights in anticipation of the bad weather. Even Monday flights were affected, more than three dozen have already been canceled. These sums came on Friday to 520 mostly storm-related cancellations.

Known as the Winter Storm Harper by The Weather Channel, the storm threw snow, ice and rain over the Great Lake and Ohio Valley early Saturday morning. It was predicted that the poor conditions in the evening would spread to the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

The hardest hit airport on Saturday was Chicago O & # 39; Hare, where 450 departures and arrivals have been canceled since 9:30 am CET. According to FlightAware, this was about 20 percent of the total daily schedule.

The flight problems on Saturday were widespread. The dozens of airports where FlightAware had significant cancellations included New York JFK, New York LaGuardia, Newark Liberty, Chicago Midway, Boston, Indianapolis, Washington Reagan National, Baltimore / Washington, Buffalo and Cleveland.

With Sunday in view, Boston had the most premature cancellations. More than 400 combined departures and arrivals were already off schedule. According to FlightAware, this was almost half of the total Sunday schedule in Boston. In New York JFK, about 100 cancellations were made on Sunday for arrival and departure.

Many of them came on JetBlue, where Boston and JFK are among the two most visited hubs. JetBlue had already canceled 430 for Sunday and 37 for Monday, FlightAware said.

Leaflets of all airlines should rely on a peak of cancellations and delays at least until Monday. The previous storms used as a benchmark mean that the cancellation of flights is likely to increase until the beginning of next week, if the current forecasts continue.

Flight delays could persist even after the storm. It is predicted that bitter cold will enter the Midwest and Northeast of the storm, leading to the possibility of deicing delays at busy airports, which could last until at least Monday.

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