FilGoal | News Zamalek vs Etihad Tangier .. A pivotal game to survive the ghosts of last season

It may not look like that, but Zamalek's hosting of the Moroccan Tangier Union in the 32nd African Confederation Cup is the season's match for the white.

Zamalek, who came back in a negative draw from Morocco a week ago, is at a pivotal stage in their season.

The first match at this stage is Tangier, which will mean winning the group stage in the tournament, which will be Zamalek if it continues to be an extraordinary candidate to win it in the shadow of a good season passes by the white citadel.

At the same time, after the Tangier match, Al-Bayda are facing an important face in the league against a direct competitor, Pyramids.

To survive the ghosts of last season

The role of the 32-year-old Zamalek is not a good one.

After seven successive league victories with Ehab Galal, the shock of coming out against the Ethiopian team to lose their balance in the next four matches to the African exit resulted in Zamalek finishing fourth in the league.

A shock such as this is not needed by Zamalek in its impressive season so far, which is proceeding at a steady pace locally and Africa - away from the exit from the Arab Championship.

Offensive Challenge

On the defensive side, Zamalek look very solid.

In the last 5 games in the Premier League, Zamalek have only two goals. This comes in the shadow of the injury of one of the main defenders, Mahmoud Hamdi "Alonsh", and the participation of right wing Abdullah Gomaa in the left back, where he achieved great proficiency.

Christian Gross succeeded in making a solid defense that saves Zamalek from the attacks of competitors, but what about the offensive form?

Numerically, Zamalek have scored in all their matches, but the attacking form against Tangier was not at their best.

This can be explained by three things. The first is the lack of reconciliation between Farjani Sassi at the meeting and the departure of Kabongo Kasongo, who was mainly involved in making the offensive situation for Zamalek, despite the loss of many chances, with the absence of Mustafa Fathi.

Zamalek will play without Mustapha Fathi, but the return of Ibrahim Ibrahim, "Obama" ready to face the Saturday looks promising to Zamalek offensive.

As well as Omar Al-Saeed, he is an attacker who makes more for his colleagues than he is in front of electrification - Obama - Fathi gives them many chances to score.

But Fathi does not exist against Tangier, and here comes Ibrahim Hassan, who started the season well before his level faded. A big match like Tangier will be a good chance for the next wing of Ismaili to regain their level.

A wonderful record for Zamalek against Moroccans

7 matches in which Zamalek met Moroccan teams in Egypt, 6 wins and draw.

Zamalek have only one goal in Egypt.

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The African Football Confederation (CAF) has been assigned the task of managing the match between Zamalek and Tangier to South African referee Victor Gomez.

Gomez managed one match for Zamalek and was in the African Champions League against the Algerian capital in the pre-tournament version of the tournament.

AFC defeated Zamalek 2-0 in the fourth group stage at the time.

Zamalek's loss has complicated the White team's position in the group and eventually failed to qualify.

The match saw Tarek Hamed's departure after a clash with Amir Sayoud.

South African referee fell to the ground during his attempts to stand in front of Amir Saud to prevent him from attacking the player Zamalek.

In the end, The referee decided to expel the duo in the 60th minute.

Amir Saoud was sent off, while Tarek Hamed got a second yellow card and left the stadium.

The result was time for the Algerian team to score a goal for nothing, and with half an hour remaining, UEFA scored the second goal in the last minute.

Gomez did not play any match for the Tangier League in African Championships.

Match date: 7:00 pm

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