FilGoal | News Video - Nedved raises the head of Ahli against the Saoura .. Point of Algeria

Karim Waleed "Nedved" Al Ahly gave Ghalia a point against Al-Saoura in the second round of the African Champions League group stage.

Ahli tied 1-1 in the stadium on August 20 in the Algerian city of Bashar, scoring his fourth draw in 11 matches played on Algerian territory.

What happened in the game?

The first half was a definition of the boring Egyptian games in the North African countries, defense and reliance on non-dangerous returns.

Two warnings for Ayman Ashraf and Ali Maaloul, and another for Hakouna Al-Saoura defender, are all the results of the first half.

The second half came hot. In the 59th minute, Al-Sawra's youth scored the first goal.

Cross from the left front to attack the Saoura, through Mohamed Hamia, faced by Yahya Sharif header was inhabited a difficult angle in the range of Mohammed Shenawi under the arrival of Ayman Ashraf to control the Algerian striker

In the 65th minute, Ramadan Sobhi received a warning to clash with one of the players of the Saoura. At the same minute, Nasser Maher took the place of Islam Warrior.

Ten minutes later, Junior Ajay, who was returning from the injury, took part instead of Hussain Al Shahat.

In the 80th minute, Nasser Maher made a unique pass to Nedved, who was able to touch the ball.

But after only 6 minutes, Nedved made up for his missed opportunity with a goal that could be his most precious career.

A pass from Ajay to Mohamed Hani, who passed a great cross that the 21-year-old met with a header with a goal equalizer.

Hani made for the second straight match after the Vita Club match, while Nedved contributed to a goal for the second straight match after receiving a penalty against Vita Club.

Togolese referee Ottugo Castan eliminated a superb goal from a double kick to the young Saoura near the end of the match, disguised as a sneak.

At the end of the match, Walid Sulaiman was injured and Ahmed Hamoudi took his place.

Al Ahly moved up 4 points to fourth in the group, waiting for Vita Club Congolese clash against Tanzania's Simba, where the latter has 3 points and the first without a balance.

Al-Saoura scored their first point in their history in the African Champions League.