FilGoal | News Fathi tells a special challenge with Gali and Ekrami .. "Cooper will not include you because he does not like you"

Ahmed Fathi, the backer of Ayman Al-Ahly and the Egyptian team, presented a special challenge with Hossam Ghali and Sherif Ekrami after his return from Qatar to the Red Giant and his absence from joining Egypt.

"When I came back to Al-Ahli I was constantly attacked with any match with the team," Ahmed Fathi said.

"The most important thing that affected my thinking was my absence from Egypt," he said during his appearance on Al-Nahar with Al-Nahar, "I love Egypt and the decision not to play was very influential for me in that period - the start of the qualifiers for the nations of Africa and the World Cup."

"After a while, I decided not to think about it again and to focus my attention on my performance in order to impose myself and go back to the team."

"I did not join the team because Cooper does not like you," he said.

"I was at the gym and Ikrami and Ghali told me that I used to not participate in the African qualifiers because of injuries or absences, and I challenged them to be at the 2017 African Nations Cup."

"In the end, I managed to get back to the team and I played as a key player and I played all the African Nations and the final stages of the World Cup qualifiers."

Ahmed Fathi missed Egypt in 2015 with the exception of a single appearance against Malawi in a friendly match.

Tanzania and Chad missed the African Nations qualifiers, and their absence against Chad in the face of the second phase of the World Cup.

Nigeria also missed the African qualifiers and all friendly matches of the period.

Fathi returned to Egypt on June 4, 2016 against Tanzania in the Africa qualifiers.

He sat on the bench in front of the Congo in the final round of World Cup qualifiers, before taking part as a key against Ghana.

After his appearance against Ghana, Fathi played all official matches with the national team. He participated in the entire African Nations and the World Cup as well.

Overall, Fathi played 129 matches in Egypt's first team.

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