FilGoal | News Al-Qai'i: Al-Shahat's move to Al-Ahli is a political and public deal

Adli al-Qai'i, Al Ahli's contracting consultant, believes that the transfer of Hussein Al-Shahat, former Al Ain player of the Red Fort, is a political deal in the first place.

"Al-Shihat is a political, public and technical deal," Al-Qai'i said on the EN-Sport channel.

"Shehat is a political deal because it will make a big difference at the team level and help the club win the championship."

"He is good at playing in more than one place like Mohammed Barakat and will change a lot of public behavior and way of thinking in the team."

"All the deals that Al Ahli have made in the current transfer window are considered a taste of the national team, because all the players sacrificed to wear the red shirt."

Al Ahly signed the current transfer window from Mohamed Mahmoud, Mahmoud Wahid, Geraldo, Hussein Al-Shahat, Yasser Ibrahim, Hamdi Fathi and Ramadhan Subhi.

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