FilGoal | News 6 interesting questions .. Fathi about the "crisis of renewal" and the position of Said and have thought about signing for Zamalek

Ahmed Fathi spoke to Ahli Ahli and the Egyptian team about the "crisis of renewal" contract with the Red Giant.

Ahmed Fathi said: "There has not been any crisis in the renewal of my contract with Ahli."

"I did not talk about it for the first time."

"Sayed Abdel Hafiz spoke to me and told me the renewal order and I told him I am under the club's order."

"There was no crisis and I did not go out to the media to talk for good."

"I did not do anything and throughout my career with the ball I never asked for equality with any player, I do not think about that, I just ask the club for appreciation."

Abdullah Al-Saeed and Zamalek

Did Abdullah Al-Saeed in his crisis with Ahli? A question answered by Fathi saying: "Happy did not make mistakes, he just thought in a certain way."

"The whole situation was not funny, not just happy Abdullah, but the whole scene from the outside was never funny."

Abdullah Al-Saeed has not played in Zamalek before but signed his contract for the White Citadel before renewing for Al Ahly.

Ahli then decided to offer Al Saeed for sale after the renovation and already left the player Maara to Finland first before joining Ahly Jeddah.

Al-Saeed's trip ended in Saudi Arabia to return to the Egyptian league again but from the Pyramids gate.

Did Ahmed Fathi think about Zamalek signing? "No, I did not think about signing Zamalek," he said.

Fathi renewed his contract with Ahli for two seasons in March 2018 after a period of negotiations.

The most frightening moment

Ahmed Fathi revealed the most fearful moment of his career so far. "Egypt and Libya were in the African qualifiers for the 2006 World Cup," he said.

"I was young at the time and the game was in Libya and the entire stadium was singing the Libyan anthem.

Egypt team under the leadership of Marco Tardelli lost to Libya 2-1 in the World Cup qualifiers on 8 October 2004.

Fathi played a key role before leaving the game.

The most frustrating moment

What is the most frustrating moment that Fathi has undergone? The Egyptian international replies: "After the meeting of Russia in the World Cup."

"Before the World Cup, I was thinking that we would go to the next round, but that was not the case," he said.

"If I get back in time, I will not repeat what I did, it was not good to make the result of a match that affected me like that, I would close the game page to focus on the upcoming confrontation."

Egypt lost their three matches in the World Cup.

He narrowly lost to Uruguay with a lethal goal, before falling three to Russia and then to Saudi Arabia.

the best coach

Who is the best foreign coach trained under his leadership? A question was the emergence of three choices (Manuel Jose - Martin Jol - Patrice Cartieron), To choose Fathi: "Martin Jol".

"I loved working with Martin Jol," he said.

Fathi played under Manuel Jose during the seasons 2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11 and 2011-12. He participated in 79 matches during the League, Cup, Africa, Club World Cup and Super Cup, scoring 9 goals and 14 assists.

With Martin Jol, Fathi played 27 league, cup and Africa matches during the 2015-16 season and scored 3 goals and 5 assists.

While Fathi participated in 12 games with Patrice Cartier and scored once and made 3 times.

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