Family has been holding Cadbury Cream Egg for almost 50 years

Most of us can not hold the chocolate until noon on Easter Sunday, let alone a few days.

But while we were all sitting there and sitting on our choccies without taking a break to take a breath, a woman shames us all by having managed to eat an easter egg for nearly 50 years.

The Cadbury cream egg now belongs to Ainslie Peters, 48, but it was her grandmother.

Ainslie with the vintage egg. Credit: SWNS
Ainslie with the vintage egg. Credit: SWNS

Ainslie's grandmother Jean Peters got the egg for free from her future husband Dan Clark, who gave it to her for the first time in 1973.

The present clearly won against Jean, who was in his fifties at the time and recently widowed when the two quickly fell in love and tied the knot the following year.

The egg has remained a cherished family Souvenirs and is kept in a glass cabinet with the foil packaging still intact.

The cream egg comes from the early 70s. Credit: SWNS
The cream egg comes from the early 70s. Credit: SWNS

When Jean died in 2010, the egg was passed on to Ainslie, who continues it Display in her house in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

She said, "The egg is just something I remember from all my childhood visits to see my Gran in Glasgow, and kept it with her ornaments in a display case.

"I and my three sisters asked her it but she would just laugh it out.

"Eventually, she told us the story Dan had given her on the first date.

"My Gran died in 2010 and it was the only thing I asked if I could."

Ainslie's grandmother Jean. Credit: SWNS
Ainslie's grandmother Jean. Credit: SWNS

Ainslie - who does not Even like cream eggs yourself - the egg is kept in a cupboard next to you Order of service from her father's funeral and a wooden miniature model of the Glasgow skyline.

She added, "I'm a pretty sentimental person.

"I keep things just because someone gave them to me.

"My father's father died in the year I was born, and left my grandmother a widow.

"Dan was married before and I think his first wife died too.

"To find love again, a few years after her husband died, meant a lot to my Gran."

Jean and Dan. Credit: SWNS
Jean and Dan. Credit: SWNS

Jean appreciated the cream eggand had taken it when she left the just She shared with Dan in Kilbirnie, North Ayrshireto sheltered apartments.

Sad, Dan died in 1981 - while Jean lived until the age of 94 years.

Ainslie continuing: "Gran stayed in her apartment in Kilbirnie until she moved into a sheltered living space in 2001 - the cream egg went with her.

"When she died in 2010, that was the only thing I asked for.

"I'm just a little bit like Daftie,

"I never pulled off the slide and I would not disturb her."

The Cream Egg was launched by Cadburys in 1971, not long before Dan decided to give Jean one.

At Easter, the old school will be 46 years since the memorable first date of Jean and Dan.

Ainslie added, "I've never been tempted to unwrap it and look under the foil, I'll never eat it - I do not like cream eggs."

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