Exchange action for old diesel: VW plans nationwide exchange premium

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So far, Volkswagen offers its replacement premium for older diesel only in some cities. Soon, however, the action will apply throughout Germany. Transport Minister Scheuer praised the initiative as a "good exchange offer for clean cars". But experts see behind the action mere calculation.

Volkswagen wants to extend the exchange premium for older diesel to all of Germany. "The Volkswagen Group is currently examining a time-limited nationwide offer for the exchange premium, which will be granted when a Euro 4 or Euro 5 diesel vehicle is sold," said a spokesman for the group. According to him, this is currently limited to the 15 particularly polluted cities. "The responsible board committees are expected to make decisions early next week," the spokesman said.

"This makes the largest German carmaker the first provider that makes all diesel owners in Germany a really good exchange offer for cleaner cars," said Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer of "Bild". At the same time, the CSU minister tried to increase the pressure on the competition. "I hope that the other automakers provide such good news in the interests of their customers."

Diesel scandal has thrown back VW

Such prospects, industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer considers unrealistic. "The minister's hope that this could avoid further driving bans passes the reality," said the director of Center Automotive Research (CAR) at the University of Duisburg-Essen. "Manufacturers all work for profit and do what they think is right, not what a transport minister wants."

The fact that Volkswagen is now moving ahead with the premiums is due to the fact that the diesel scandal and the problems with the conversion to the new exhaust gas test method WLTP had thrown back the company. Like other carmakers, VW already offered a so-called environmental bonus at the diesel summit in August 2017. According to the group, Euro 1 to Euro 4 diesel vehicles of any manufacturer are taken back and scrapped. The purchase of a new car or a young used vehicle will be supported in return with a discount.

In the context of these two exchange actions so far more than 240,000 old diesel were exchanged for new cars. Other car manufacturers, including Daimler and BMW, have different models for discounts and discounts when replacing old diesel vehicles with the emission standard Euro 1 to 4 and Euro 5 in the particularly nitrogen oxide polluted regions.