'I even talk to them on WhatsApp'; Sambueza takes her 'luxury' with the referees

Mexico City /

Known for being "client" of the arbitrators in the Liga MX, Rubens Sambueza he denies having any problem with the union and even claimed that he holds talks Whatsapp with several of them.

With 12 expulsions in Mexican soccer and frequently admonished by claims, simulations and gestures, Sambu He explained that he has deep respect for the whistlers.

"You do not have anything against the referees, much less, you try to get them to do their job as well as possible. I speak with several, I have several phones and WhatsApp, we talk about the best way. Regardless of everything, respect is the most important thing. "

Remembered for his brilliant step with the America between 2012 and 2016, Rubens came to the Liga MX with Cougars in 2007, club that hurt to leave because he had great relationship with the board and even furniture bought for home in the CDMX.

"When I got to Mexican soccer It cost me to leave Pumas because I had talked to the board At that time and everything was all very well to stay, I wanted to stay, "he told ESPN.

"I even bought some things, some furniture for the house that was renting and in the end they said 'thanks for everything'. It's like that, and it hurt in the sense of how it was. "