Emmanuel Macron will not go to Davos, but will bring foreign bosses to Versailles

Emmanuel Macron in Chad, December 22, 2018. - WITT / SIPA

Emmanuel Macron will not participate in the forum of Davos which gathers the gotha ​​of
the world economy. However, the head of state will gather on January 21 at Versailles 150 French and foreign bosses, for a new edition of the summit "Choose France" on the attractiveness of France, said Friday the Elysee.

If the Head of State had made a long speech at the Davos Forum last year, the French Presidents do not participate systematically in this meeting in Switzerland, which will take place this year from 21 to 25 January. Emmanuel Macron will not go there "because of a busy agenda," said the Elysee.

Show the French the benefits of foreign investment

By bringing together 150 bosses in Versailles, "our desire is to highlight the opportunities in the territories by making known the different regions and their know-how. We will also have French companies of different sizes, representing the economic fabric in the region, "said the Elysée. This choice is also in line with the "yellow vests" crisis, which highlighted the need to revitalize impoverished territories.

This edition will be a little different from last year when 140 leaders of major international groups had come to dine in the salons of Versailles, bringing some investment announcements in France. The aim is to show examples of companies that have benefited from foreign investment, underlines the Presidency. Emmanuel Macron also plans to "do pedagogy" with foreign groups to explain his reforms in France.

It is also an opportunity for him, at the time when the great debate began, to show the French the benefits of foreign investment, while the movement of "yellow vests" regularly attacks multinationals, accused of avoiding to pay taxes in France.

Since his inauguration, Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly received major international groups to convince them to invest in France.