Electric scooters, a bonus for the environment?

The surprising statistics of Portland

At first, many cities experienced the same double reaction. Locals curious about the arrival of the electric scooters who try them. But soon, worry and annoyance rise, facing the proliferation of gear stopped or even moving too quickly on the sidewalks. Result? Cities like Paris have begun to take action.

The study just unveiled by the city of Portland, however, suggests that things could change. They have put in place a study in place over the last four months. There were no less than 700,369 transports by scooter that were made during the test, covering a distance of nearly 130,000 kilometers. 34% of the city's inhabitants and 48% of the tourists used electric scooters in place of their personal car or a car rental service.

Good news for electric scooter companies?

In concrete terms, this should be good news for electric scooter companies. This allows them to show that vehicles can be a real alternative in urban travel modes.

The study also highlighted some areas of the city that needed a larger deployment of electric scooters.

In Portland, it is also now thought to adapt bike paths. Already important in the city, they should now be equipped with a space designed for electric scooters.

A second study will now be set up in the year to continue collecting data and testing innovative methods of transport, especially in areas in difficulty. An educational part, on the method and behaviors allowed / prohibited on electric scooters are also on the program. Lime, Skip and Bird who have already participated in the first test, should still be there.