Drunken student of the TCU locked herself up for a berserk on the flight from London to Dallas after a girl dumped him on Crime

Jeffrey Tanner Libby, 21, of Fort Worth, admitted to several charges following the flight on December 17 last month: three common attacks, a counter that was drunk on board an aircraft, and one that threatened, abusive, or threatened insulting words against said the Metropolitan Police on Saturday.

Libby was convicted on Wednesday outside Isleworth Crown Court in London, police said.

The incident began on December 17, when Libby climbed from Heathrow to Dallas and boarded a British Airways Boeing 777 carrying a liter of Bacardi rum.

As the flight became turbulent, Libby became increasingly drunk and belligerent, prosecutors said. He squeezed the arms of a female passenger and a crew member, beating and kicking the seat in front of him, even biting the finger of another passenger trying to hold him back.

Part of the Fracas was recorded on mobile video. The pilot finally had to turn around to London and drain 20 tons of fuel into the Atlantic, so that the plane could land safely.