Drone - within 20 meters & # 39; jumbo jets flying in at Heathrow when near-misses are revealed

A drone was within 20 yards of having flown a jumbo jet into Heathrow Airport.

Details on 18 near-misses between aircraft and equipment in Britain's skies have occurred in recent weeks following major disruptions at Heathrow and Gatwick.

In an incident on July 22, discovered the pilot of an Airbus A380 on the right side of the aircraft at 1,036 m altitude, a "large commercial drone".

The device, which was "within 20 meters" of the aircraft, was flown in a manner that "endangered other aircraft" and had the highest collision risk, said the UK Airprox Board (UKAB).

Another serious near-miss involved an Embraer 190 aircraft landing at Glasgow Airport on 7 September.

Aircraft at Heathrow Terminal 5 after departure have been temporarily suspended

Departures were made at Heathrow earlier this month after drone sightings

A "shiny white drone" was flown just above the aircraft at a distance of only 15 to 30 meters (50-100 feet).

The UKAB concluded that there was a "clear risk of collision".

Meanwhile, a Boeing 737 nearly collided with a drone at 1,200m when she was preparing to land at East Midlands on September 19th.

The plane's first officer pointed out to the pilot that a drone had "passed directly on the left side of the plane" according to the UKAB report.

There were no effects "observed, felt or implied", but the UKAB said that "there was a clear risk of collision".

Passengers arrive at Gatwick Airport

Passengers had long delays at Gatwick Airport in December due to drone reports

Details of all 18 incidents that took place between July and October of last year are included in the monthly report of the UKAB.

In total, 120 accidents between drones and aircraft were recorded this year until 4 December 2018. This represents an increase of 29% compared to 93 for the entire year 2017.

In 2014, only six incidents were registered.

Heathrow Airport has now deployed an anti-drone system after forcing the following departure flights Sightings of the devices earlier this month.

The AUDS (Anti-UAV Defense System) is capable of detecting, tracking and landing drones and preventing them from being used for terrorists, espionage or other malicious activities.

Similar equipment was displayed on the roof of the Gatwick South Terminal after this airport brought to a standstill in December following reports on illegal drone activity.

Drones must Stay away from airports among the recently announced government measures.

The airport exclusion zones will be extended from the current 1 km to approximately 5 km, with additional extensions at the end of the runways.

Drone users can be fined or even jailed for flying gadgets within these zones.