Donald Trump will not go to the World Economic Forum because of the "shutdown"

Donald Trump, January 9, 2019 in Washington. - SIPA

Davos canceled because of shutdown. The World Economic Forum will have to deprive itself of the presence of
Donald Trump. The US president announced on Thursday that he will not go because of the partial paralysis of the federal administration that continues in the United States. The summit is scheduled to take place from 21 to 25 January in Switzerland.

"Because of the Democrats' intransigence on border security and the great security importance for our Nation, I respectfully cancel my very important trip to Davos. (...) My sincere greetings and apologies to the World Economic Forum, "he tweeted. "I was planning to go (...)," he said earlier from the White House gardens as budget negotiations with the Democrats are stalled over the construction of a new wall. the border with Mexico. "It was a real success when I went there," he added, citing his speech at the 2018 edition.

An "immoral" wall

"The economy [américaine] It's incredible. We are negotiating and we are very successful with China, "he said. Debate on the budget law is stalled in Washington. The White House tenant claims $ 5.7 billion for a "steel fence" or wall to curb illegal immigration. The Democrats refuse to release funds for this project they consider "immoral" and ineffective.
The disagreement caused a blockage of the administration.

Entering its third week, the "shutdown" affects about 800,000 civil servants, de facto on leave without pay. The record for the longest "shutdown" in history is about to fall: 21 days, between late 1995 and early 1996, under the presidency of Bill Clinton.