Diesel scandal: VW sued ex-manager for damages - business

Process battle in the exhaust scandal at VW!

Volkswagen sued his ex-manager Oliver Schmidt for damages! The former employee has to answer for his complications in the exhaust scandal that the auto-Bauer had to pay billions of billions in the US - claims VW and wants to see money. This is reported by the "Braunschweiger Zeitung".

How much compensation the group demands from its ex-manager is not apparent from the application at the Brunswick district court.

According to VW, however, Schmidt should at least pay for the work of former US Attorney Larry Thompson. The was used in 2017 to observe the refurbishment process at VW after the exhaust scandal was revealed. In 2015, it became known that the car farmer had cheated massively on exhaust gas values ​​for diesel vehicles.

Oliver Schmidt will have to prosecute the lawsuit from his US prison. There he is serving a seven-year prison sentence, to which he was sentenced in December 2017. Volkswagen is also demanding compensation from Schmidt for the costs of defending the ex-manager in the process.

Ex-manager sues back

Oliver Schmidt strikes back in the trial battle, filed a dismissal protection suit before the Labor Court. His reply to the Volkswagen allegations: He had just followed the instructions of the group.

▶ ︎ In addition, Schmidt wants bonuses of around € 114,700 from his ex-employer and damages (around € 330,000)!

In February, the process battle enters the new round. Then the lawsuits in Braunschweig are negotiated.