Diesel affair: Daimler should pay high damages in three cases

The Stuttgart Regional Court has the carmaker Daimler, according to a media report in three cases to pay damages. The procedures involved defeat devices for the exhaust gas purification of diesel engines. As "Süddeutsche Zeitung", NDR and WDR reported, the sums amount to between 25,000 and 40,000 euros.

These decisions are explosive, because the court thus assessed the so-called "thermal windows" of Mercedes engines as inadmissible defeat devices. According to the report, the judgments are not yet final. Daimler wants to appeal accordingly against the decisions.

It has not violated any laws, the corporation is quoted. The so-called thermal windows are necessary to prevent damage to the engine. Thermal windows stand for a process that throttles the exhaust gas cleaning at certain temperatures to prevent harmful deposits in the engine.

Daimler threatens lawsuit

According to a court spokesman in Stuttgart, many more lawsuits by car buyers against Daimler are pending, it said in the report on. Also with a considerable number of further complaints is counted. The Munich attorney Thorsten Krause, involved in one of the three proceedings, described the judgment as an absolute "breakthrough", as many buyers of Mercedes diesel cars had been waiting for such a decision.

The three judgments of Stuttgart are according to the report not the first, in which Daimler was sentenced to compensation payments. The district courts in Hanau and Karlsruhe had accordingly similarly decided in 2018, but not so clearly spoken of inadmissible defeat devices. These judgments were not yet final, Daimler wanted to appeal here as well.