Decay is a whim of a spoiled Western child

By Eddie Willers.

France suffers from many evils, you will normally have identified some that undermine our country. Yet many of our problems and the terrible feelings that are being felt in the population would not be so violent if we managed to show a steady growth of close to 3%, as is the case in the United States.

And yet in France, this observation is not even shared by the entire population. Indeed, we regularly hear collapsologists and other hoops from all sides warn us: how could we continue to grow forever while our planet has finite resources?

It would therefore be necessary to resort to a "chosen degrowth" to return to a desirable standard of living. I will let you find for yourself a country that has experienced a recession (another word unfortunately less elegant to describe the decline) and for which the social situation has improved. Ask the Greeks and Venezuelans if they liked seeing their GDP decrease.

Decay, a problem of rich

Decay is a whim of a spoiled Western child. There would be enough wealth for his followers to be distributed globally to allow himself to decline. Except that most people who suggest this theory forget that they are part of the richest 5% (or even 1%) globally and therefore a worldwide decrease would imply a drastic decrease in their standard of living.

When you look at the average level of development that would imply, I'm not sure it's the country with the fresh fruit and fresh water that they sell us. I come back from two weeks in the south of India and I can assure you that this country absolutely needs growth, especially to improve the management of its waste and to develop its transport infrastructure. Personally I would not see myself living with a level of development close to that of the Indian middle class (itself far removed from the average French standard of living).

I only wish one thing: to allow these people to greatly improve their standard of living. If it takes "To give up today's standard of living to guarantee one's children tomorrow" and that implies scuttling his living conditions today, very little for me.

Masochism has its limits especially when no serious study has proven the benefits of the decline and globally countries with high levels of development are also those who present the conditions of life most favorable to their populations.

When we do not have the financial resources to treat our waste and burn it on the side of the road to get rid of it, we drive with vehicles from another time that pollute three times more than a new car that we run coal plants instead of investing in nuclear power plants ... we destroy the environment.

Growth is imperative

Far from being the enemy of the environment, growth is imperative to better manage our resources. It is also imperative if we want to continue organizing some redistributions. For example, in the case of pensions: without massive growth (> 3%) or a radical reform, we will constantly show a public deficit to pay more and more retirees against assets that are always less.

So that there is something to redistribute as George Pompidou so The Gordian knotwe must already produce these riches. We must therefore focus on the policies that liberate this creation of wealth. But our country is locked in a straitjacket that prevents it.

Between a precautionary principle enshrined in the constitution, overpowering corporations, regulations in all directions and reactionary unions, nothing is done to allow our country to take off. The government's measures by the end of the five-year period must therefore be geared to allow this release of growth.

It alone will ensure we can cope with our compulsory delirium levies at first, before gradually reduce them. During his time as Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron had foreshadowed reforms that went in this direction. As president, his action is disappointing. It is up to him to change course to get our country out of the rut.


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