Dead by Daylight starts free weekend - News - Gambling

For those who have not yet experienced the asymmetry of multiplayer horror Dead by daylight, Studio Behavior Digital Started a special promotion. AT Steam the game has become temporarily free. You can meet her before the end of the weekend.

In Dead by Daylight, a team of four players is confronted by one player, who incarnates as a monster from the horror. Survivors play from the third person, so it is convenient for them to observe what is happening. The first-person view was chosen for the Assassin, so he has to keep an eye on the “rear”. You can choose from a whole panopticon of nightmarish monsters and entities with a unique set of formidable skills. And the survivors have a simple task: do not get caught by the Murderer. But this will not be easy.

Those who like the game can buy it at a discount. Various publications, as well as additional content, temporarily cost from 249 rubles.