Darío Botinelli, the Argentine who refused to play in Olympia because of the country's violence - Diez

The Olympia I wanted to close with a flourish the National League transfer market. The whites are looking for an offensive midfielder and they scored a big goal.

Darío Botinelli, an Argentinean creative who has had a great tour of South American football, was the chosen one.

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But it was confirmed that after having advanced talks with the player, in the end he decided not to accept the offer due to the internal situation in the country, as a merengue director told the journalist Kilvet Bertrand.

"When everything seemed like Olympia He arranged his foreign room, he drops it. And is that for information that transcends internationally, the Argentine Dario Botinelli, who had a fixed contract, gave up on the massacres and caravans, he confided to VD Osman Madrid, "was the message he posted from the journalist.

Botinelli He started his football steps San Lorenzo from 2005 to 2007, then went to Racing in 2007, he later changed his mind and went to the Catholic University of Chile.

After his time in Chilean soccer, the midfielder tried his luck in the Atlas of Mexico, where he played two seasons and then returned to the U from Chile.

For the year 2011 he was presented with the challenge of Brazilian football and signed by Flamengo, then with Coritiba and returned again to the University of Chile and Mexico to wear the shirt of the Toluca

For the year 2016, the return to Argentina and he played with La Plata Gymnastics, after moving in 2017 to América de Cali and his last club, where he is now, is Audax Italiano from Chile.