Dallas Cowboys: Scott Linehan as Cowboys' offensive coordinator in what Jason Garrett called a "mutual decision."

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So much for no major changes.

Just days after head coach Jason Garrett said he had not expected any significant changes in the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff - an issue he later spoke vaguely about - the club announced on Friday a statement from Garrett, in which he said that he had adopted offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

"This was not an easy decision as Scott Linehan is considered a football coach and a person," Garrett said in the statement. "He and I had some really positive, substantive and open discussions that took place in the second half of this week, and we finally agreed that it would be in the best interests of all parties involved if we changed these (offensive coordinator) Position.

"It was a very mutual decision," continues Garrett, "and during our meetings, there was a lot in common and a common understanding between the two of us." Scott has had an incredibly positive impact on our football team. "He was an excellent football coach , a great friend and we wish him and his family just the very best to move forward. "

The end of Linehan's five-year term ends after two frustrating seasons offensive to Dallas. While high-profile leaks at the top of the league were the focus, the Cowboys ended the 2018 season in 22nd place in points and total yards per game.

Linehan has often been criticized for failing to capitalize on the Cowboys' talent, including predictable game visits and sporadic use of Quarterback Dak Prescott's ability to run. The unit had a slow start, but showed an improvement after Dallas had issued a first draft decision in October to secure the recipient Amari Cooper in a deal with Oakland.

But the offense did not show enough change in 2017, when Prescott and the passport match after a blockbuster in 2016 took a step back. The pass game erupted as Ezekiel Elliott ran back NFL's code of conduct and never recovered.

In the last offseason, Linehan was given scope to make personnel decisions when the offensive staff was overtaken. These included former quarterback Kellen Moore as quarterback coach and capture trainer Sanjay Lal, compulsory runner Doug Nussmeier and fired offensive trainer Paul Alexander mid-season

With Garrett's background as a former quarterback and play caller on the offensive side of the ball, it remains to be seen how ready he is to introduce a wide shift and new philosophies with his new offensive coordinator. Garrett currently has another year on his contract.

Linehan, who entered the final year of his deal at this time, signed an anticipated two-year contract extension in 2017, earning him one of the highest paid coordinators in the league.

Linehan, the former head coach of the St. Louis Rams, was praised in 2016 for his work with Prescott, when Dallas went 13: 3 and the rookie quarterback for the injured veteran Tony Romo entered.

Linehan joined the club in 2014 as Dallas Passing Coordinator and then became the Offensive Coordinator for the following season.

From the numbers

A look at the pro-average Cowboys offense under Scott Linehan, with the league's rank in parentheses:



Total yards

Yards happen

Rush yards

2014 *

29.2 (5)

383.6 (7)

236.5 (16)

147.1 (2)


17.2 (31)

335.1 (22)

216.9 (27)

118.1 (9)


26.3 (5)

376.7 (5)

226.9 (23)

149.8 (2)


22.1 (14)

331.9 (14)

196.3 (26)

135.6 (2)


21.2 (22)

343.8 (22)

221.1 (23)

122.7 (10)

* -Linehan was the passing game coordinator before becoming an offensive coordinator in 2015.

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