Cuba enters more than 12.5 million CUC for the sale of 3G packages in the first month

Published on Friday, January 18, 2019 - 17:01 (GMT-5)

The government of Cuba has admitted more than 12.5 million CUC in just one month for the sale of mobile or 3G data packets, according to calculations made by CiberCuba and contrasted by the project Inventory from figures made public in the state newspaper Granma.

According to the figures given in the II National Workshop on Computerization and Territorial Cybersecurity, the monopoly of communications in Cuba -ETECSA- sold 1,374,781 mobile data packets, in which the mailbag is included.

ETECSA has only entered with the 3G packages exactly 12,554,338 CUC from December 6, 2018 to January 7 of this year. The figure could be much higher for the mail bag, which has not been taken into account in this calculation.

Precisely, this option is the most contracted in Cuba because it costs 1 CUC for the 50 MB to access the Nauta mail. ETECSA sold 608,260 post bags, exactly the CUCs that have been disbursed in this period.

Regarding 3G tariffs in the mobile, according to Granma The most sold has been the 600 MB package for about 7 CUC. Taking into account that they sold 759,294, the amount collected would be 5,315,058 CUC.

Although the high prices of this service for any Cuban, the rate of 2.5 GB per 10 CUC was sold 533,490 times in a month, which would be equivalent to 5,334,900 CUC.

Where it was noticed that ETECSA prices do not go with what any Cuban charges It was in the rates with more gigs.

The 2.5 Gb 3G package fell below six figures and only 55,553 was sold that first month. As it costs 20 CUC ETECSA entered just over one million, 1,111,060 CUC.

The least sold was the 4GB because it costs exactly the average salary of Cubans, 30 CUC.

The monopoly of communications sold only 26,444 of these packages, some 793,320 CUC more to the coffers of the Cuban government.

So far the authorities have not given the exact figure collected, but if we take into account the 12,554,338 CUC entered by the 3G and 608,260 CUC by the mail bag, a total of 13,162,598 CUC in just one month.

According to a user on Twitter identified as LimeLimon221, if you add the "millions that do with the balance and internet connections of nauta home and wifi parks we could have 4G LTE and what we would like".

Since the arrival of 3G to cell phones in Cuba more than 1.8 million users they have connected to the Internet from their mobile phones, a single party official in the country (PCC) said this week.

The pretended campaign of transparency of the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel It still does not lead the Cuban authorities to publish the figures of income and expenses of state agencies as it is done in portals of other countries.