Connoisseurs live longer! - Abstinence is a health risk - Guide


We have long assumed that our body is like a machine that wears off over time when we use it a lot. But Bernd Kleine-Gunk, author and anti-aging researcher says: "As a connoisseur you live longer and better!".

The recipe for a long life consisted mainly of renunciation. Less food, no alcohol, avoid the sun. In fact, the body reacts flexibly to stress and stress. He is even more resistant. Healthy living does not mean renouncing anything that is fun and tastes right from the start.

Abstinence is a health risk. Anyone who is always in the slow running, dies sooner. The body needs mild stress stimuli and time to find healthy answers to this burden.

These so-called hormetic stimuli are important for body harmony and balance. Because the body activates its defense strategies such as the immune system as well as activates protective and repair mechanisms.

We benefit when we turn up every now and again, instead of constantly going the healthy middle ground. Much that is harmful is also good for us - it always depends on the dose. This applies to all areas of life. If too much, the damage outweighs the benefits.

But a currywurst is not a deadly sin. Alcohol in moderation is also healthier than total abstinence. The 50+ generation can easily put on a bit of hip gold. A body mass index of 20 to 22 is no longer ideal for over-50s. The reach even a few haggard, joyless figures. People over the age of 50 with the slightest overweight, ie a BMI of 27, have the highest life expectancy. In the event of illness, they benefit from their body reserves.

Obesity is harmful to health and should be avoided. You can eat well and a lot, but twice a week from 17 o'clock end. This famous interval fasting is much better than permanently banning calories.

It sets these important little stress stimuli that re-activate the body. Sex is also pure anti-aging, not just exercise. In lovemaking, many hormones are released, such as oxytocin. Even Martin Luther knew, "In the week two, neither harm him nor her." "Say, twice a week is ideal.