Confirmed: Ford will develop a 100% electric F Series pick up

Ford is already working fully on the electrification of its range, which includes icons such as the Mustang -whose 100% electric variant will be presented in 2020, as it was advanced by Ted Cannis, who leads the project and the so-called Team Edison charge of this process of transformation in the brand- and also to its range of pick ups: yes, the mythical F-150 and its sisters of the F Series will have a 100% electric version in the short or medium term.

ford f150

Strengthened after the agreement announced a few days ago with Volkswagen for the development of commercial vehicles, the oval brand began to unveil some of its future plans. In addition to a plug-in hybrid version of the F-150 scheduled for 2020, the US firm has accelerated its plans to introduce a 100% electric version of the F Series, also driven by the recent and surprising presentation of the Rivian R1T that will begin to be marketed by 2020 almost simultaneously with Tesla's 100% electric pick up.

Ford's chief executive, Jim Hackett, was responsible for confirming this development during the Deutsche Bank Global Automotive Industry Conference: "We are going to electrify the F-Series with hybrid and electric solutions, and we are doing the same with the Transit van. We launched a hybrid plug-in version of the Transit worldwide ", he anticipated.

Although in his statements did not advance which model of the F Series will be the first to have a fully electric mechanics, by levels of sales, capabilities and taking into account its potential rivals mentioned above, it is most likely that it is the F-150

ford stand

The Mustang, the F Series and the Transit will not be the only members of this new electric range of the oval brand, it is also planned to launch an SUV with a design inspired by the muscle car that was originally going to be called Mach 1 and that was later renamed Mach E. Even in our country the local subsidiary is already preparing to take its first step towards electrification with the arrival of the Mondeo Hybrid.