Coin Book Reviews - A Guide to Morgan Money Dollars by Q David Powers

The second edition of "A Guide Book on Morgan Silver Dollars, A Complete Guide to History and Prices" was published in pocket format on March 31, 2005.

The first chapter dealt with the call and challenges of collecting Morgan dollars and some information on the history of the Morgan dollar. Although only 5 and 1/2 pages, the first chapter is full of interesting facts. Upon entering chapter two, the book goes back and discusses the history of dollar coins dating back to the Spanish hard dollars, the Mint Act of 1792, and the beginning of the American mint. Several paragraphs deal with dollar coins at the beginning of the dollar, their popularity or absence, and how the dollar has been eliminated and replaced by the commercial dollar.

The book describes very well the events that took place at that time, such as the troubled times for silver companies and the political commitment to help them come to the Dollar Morgan. Chapters 3 and 4 contain excellent information on the Morgan dollar design process and the typing process. For a new collector, it's a very good information.

Chapter 5 deals with the five, yes, five different currencies that produced the Morgan dollars, although the Denver Mint produced Morgan dollars only for one year, the year 1921. Chapter Five also gives a little bit of history of each of the currencies.

Chapter 6 discusses various stocks of silver dollars discovered long after the fall of the dollar. Some once thought that scaring dates were plentiful, as the US Treasury began to release and sell silver dollars held in vaults for years.

Chapter 7 explores the different ways to raise Morgan dollars. If you're familiar with the Morgan Dollars, there are plenty of ways to collect this coveted coin. Chapter 7 will give you many ideas to help you clarify how you want to bring this series together.

Chapter 8 discusses the rating and rating scale of the ANA. If you know the scales, then there is not much new here. It's also here that I think the book could still be improved. Images provide examples for each class, but as in most, if not all, books on notation, there are only descriptions for MS60 and above. I would have liked to see big pictures for each grade MS. This would give collectors a clear indication of the impact of bag brands on the rankings.

Chapter 9 deals with the many varieties of the Morgan series, while chapter 10 is the true flesh of the book. Chapter 10 contains one page for each year and each piece of the Morgan Dollar series. Each page contains information about collection keys, traffic strikes, proof pieces, price guide, availability guide, draw, distribution and varieties. Each page is stuffed with very specific information at each date and mint. In addition, there is for each year a summary describing the activities of the time and other general information on the Morgan dollars for this year. This type of information has probably taken years to collect and is invaluable to Morgan Dollar's serious collector.

Chapter 10 is the longest purchase and provides incredible detail for every year and every piece of the Morgan Series. There is one page for each date / piece that provides information such as the optimal collection level, the PCGS population (although outdated as more coins become certified), the estimated population in the field, the number total of currencies, varieties, etc. year that deals with the collection and the life of this year. In total, Chapter 10 is about the collector Morgan Dollar.

In summary, if you are a collector of Morgan Dollar series, or just a beginner, this is an indispensable book. The information provided in this book is incredible and provide the collector with incredible information to collect one of the most popular pieces collected today.

This book gets 4 1/2 stars.

If this book had enlarged Mint State coin images, it would have given it a rating of 5. Given that the Morgan Dollar is the most coveted in Mint State, it puzzles me as to why the classified images are not not provided.