Coach buzzes less, more fluent game ... If the VAR does not unanimously clean up the Ligue 1?

Remove Color, Season 12 - NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP

"The VAR will bring much peace and serenity
L1, referee, player and coach […] They will be much smarter, calmer and more relaxed because they know that there will be a catch-up to unfair decisions. It was hot, France was not yet world champion, and the Marseille fans dreamed after a good season, which led them to the final of the Europa League. Rudi Garcia, then questioned Provence, smiling in anticipation of a season in which the VAR would put an end to unjust arbitrariness and perhaps allow him to hang the podium.

Since then, water has flowed under the bridges. It's very cold, France is world champion and Marseille fans are ready to compete against players, leaders and coaches. And "Roudi" is a rag, he can not stand this video support to arbitration, but has its virtues. So much so that one wonders if his arrival has not hacked the facts of the games too often.

  • On the edge it still screams, but a little less

"Hooooooo", "Héééé M. the referee", "It is not possible". Since the beginning of time, the 90 minutes of a game seem like a long list of complaints about "yellow vests". However, the arrival of CRS VAR has helped to reduce tensions as under 20 minutes Margot Dumont, used to the lawn edges
beIN Sports, what was the mood during an L1 meeting since the VAR was there:

All in all, the decision was still reassuring after the VAR intervened and nothing could be done. There is an acceptance, at least in the field. But before the action is reviewed, there are many demands and demands. The coaches very often claim the VAR, they turn a lot to the fourth referee, who appeals to disputed actions. I'm talking about actions like offside or in the box. "

"The reactions of the coaches are humane and the referees have always been under pressure," assures former referee Joël Quiniou.

  • In the field the game is a bit more fluid

"The assistants will lift their flag much less, because if there is an offside, it will be reversed (...), analyzed Rudi Garcia, offensive teams will logically be preferred, and we will have a much fairer football." Right, we do not know, but it is clear that the referee assistants, if in doubt, will tend to lower their small flag according to the instructions given to them by the national football authorities.

"The VAR brings more composure to the referees, so they know there is a way to return to a misjudged decision," says Joel Quiniou. Instead of lightening the flag with questions, the game will unfold. "

  • Player behavior changes

"Do not stop if you think you're offside, look at the assistant referee and lose the ball because the goalkeeper has benefited from that half-second of carelessness," Rudi Garcia said at the start of the season the team, You have to be careful in your repair area. In addition to the game itself, players have become calmer since the introduction of the VAR. "They keep theirs self-controlmore than before, at least, notes Joel Quiniou. Even if challenged, there is less opposition, less aggression and more inappropriate judgments to the referee. I have no numbers, but it seems to me that no or few players have been expelled from the referee for unsporting behavior. "

However, many would have taken more crackers if the referee had been as relentless as last week's referee DTN Pascal Garribian predicted, including the cases where players claimed the VAR. "There is no game where a player does not ask or make the famous rectangular gesture," says Margot Dumont.

  • After the games the media circus

It is not a day of L1 without the coach or player criticizing the use of the VAR. On the 20th day of the past weekend, Bruno Genesio (Lyon), Eric Bedouet (Bordeaux), Vahid Halilhodzic (Nantes) and Alexis Blin (Amiens) went to VAR for their criticism. And when everything begins with the actors, it also happens with the followers (journalists, polemists, spectators ...). And we have the impression that we have never talked so much about arbitration.

"We continue to talk about arbitration because we are not used to this new technique, this new philosophy," said former referee Joël Quiniou, previously limited to commenting on arbitration decisions and adding the vote of VAR or Anyway, anything that can provoke controversy makes conversation and write.