Tuesday, January 8, 2019

CES 2019: Uber and Bell unveil their prototype flying taxi scheduled for 2023

Credits: Bell Helicopter

Despite the complaints of some specialized journalists, there are still real new things to admire at CES! This is the case of the Bell Nexus, the flying taxi concept that Bell Helicopter has been working on for a while.

As you can see on the renderings, it is a small plane with six large tilting propellers allowing it to take off vertically. Ideal for landing on a roof or an open space. Bell states that this means of propulsion is electric hybrid. We can therefore expect something quite quiet.

Credits: Bell Helicopter

It has been designed in collaboration with companies such as Safran, EPS or Thales. The focus will obviously be on safety and the flight cabin will hold up to five people, for a total load of 272 kilos. In other words, it will not take a basketball team. The vehicle should be able to fly between 240 and 320 km / h and between 300 and 600 meters above sea level.

Credits: Bell Helicopter

The Uber service has also indicated that it will be possible to call for transport in the city thanks to its future air transport service, named Uber Elevate. The giant of the VTC put on a commissioning of 2023 and a first test flight in Dallas and Dubai from 2020. He would like to develop a network to easily reach the roof of cities. Since there is no logistical (and legal) infrastructure for this type of displacement, it's hard to imagine being in the air in just four years.

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