Car insurance for multiple cars could save you hundreds in the UK

Car insurance is still one of the most expensive things associated with owning a vehicle. However, households could save hundreds each year if they opt for car insurance.

Car insurance covers and insures all vehicles in a household with the same premium. According to MoneySavingExpert, households could save up to £ 700 a year.

Admiral claims that motorists could save around £ 345 with a road-rail premium. However, Matt Oliver of GoCompare Car Insurance stated that there is no guarantee that it will always be cheaper.

He told "If you're lucky enough to own two or more cars, or if family members have separate cars, you need to assure everyone.

"However, completing separate policies for each vehicle could be expensive very quickly. As a result, many choose to take out multiple-car insurance, so you can bundle your policies under a single insurer.

"While this may seem more convenient and, in some cases, cheaper, there is no guarantee that it will prove to be the best deal for your circumstances."

He added, "Whether you save or not depends on the multitude of factors used to calculate an insurance quota, each of which is valued and valued differently by different insurers.

"The only way to find out if you can save is to get individual offers - and then compare the total price with an offer for a multi-car policy.

"Considering the variability of offers offered by different providers, it may make sense to look at more than one multi-car offer.

"If multi-vehicle insurance is the cheapest and best way to arrange your coverage in one year, remember that this is not necessarily the case in a renewal."

MSE reiterates that the policy for several vehicles in the first year may be more favorable, as they can receive good offers, but not necessarily in the following years.

Drivers could forego savings in the future if they are not looking for the best deal, explains Oliver.

"Vendors are probably eager to take full advantage of the ease and convenience of renewing their car insurance in one fell swoop, but auto renewal without a rollover is one of the most costly mistakes consumers make in covering their cover." he concluded.