Buffon "PSG is totally different from what I knew ... Paris is building the foundations of a huge future"

Gianluigi Buffon, a 40-year-old doorman from Paris Saint-Germain, was invited to deliver his feelings on the club he joined last summer, a little to the general surprise, it is true, by the Marca. And the legend transalpine does not hide his enthusiasm to evolve in such a team. If the PSG, with its only 49 years old is not really the weight in terms of impact in the world of football compared to the mastodons of the old continent, Gigi believes hard: the present and the future belong to the Reds and Blues !

"The PSG is totally different from what I knew. It is a new experience which makes me happy. So I progress at the professional and human level. With the experiences, we have a bigger baggage, in all the fields. My life in Paris is completely different. You realize thatthere is not just one way to reach a goal. There are many. The historical deficit of the PSG compared to the European leaders? PSG has a story that is not that of Juve or Real. But he has the present and a future that will be next to Juve, Real or Barca. And this is the most important. The past counts, but the most important thing is the present and the future. PSG, I believe, is building the foundations of a huge future "said Gianluigi Buffon.

A PSG that is gaining momentum.

Created in 1970, Paris Saint-Germain does not have the longevity enjoyed by many other teams. In Europe, Parisians aspire to be at the top of the football hall of fame. Such a position is acquired over time. Since QSI's resumption of the club in 2011, it's clear that Paris Saint-Germain has entered a whole new era and, with the ultimate dream of gleaning the Champions League, ambitions seem limitless.

In addition, the financier is not necessarily enough to become one of the biggest clubs in Europe, and from this point of view PSG is still a child. Nevertheless, the experience accumulates and Gianluigi Buffon is right: it will be necessary to count with the club of the capital in the future. The association of the image of the city of Paris and the financial power such as Qatar remains a considerable asset, even if the Financial Fair Play came to put some sticks in the roux project Red and blue. With Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappé in spearhead, Paris Saint-Germain counts well tutoyer the summits. There is still some way to go but the optimist remains in place.