Breaking: Tesla Design Studio has changed to allow reference codes in 18 European countries!


Published on January 18, 2019 |
by Paul Fosse

18 January 2019 by Paul Fosse

Captured by Tesla

Today I noticed that the design studio was changed to have a flag in the right corner of the first page (but only for model 3). If you click on this flag you will get a list of 21 country / language combinations shown below.

If I click on one of these countries, a screen asking if you have a reservation or not will be displayed and you will be charged with a reference code for free.

Captured by Tesla

Then the options available in this country are displayed.

Capture from Tesla

As we have already reported, only long-haul batteries and four-wheel drive are available in Europe - as Tesla tries to maximize its margins. What is New This means that you can order via a referral link to get 6 months of free charge (maybe 9 months since no European customers had the chance to test a car). This can be more valuable in Europe than in the US, as electricity costs are high in some countries. But hurry up, because Elon Musk has announced that The referral program ends February 1 of this year,

My referral link is However, if another owner helped you more than me, use the link instead. You can get a prize for it. I was fortunate enough to get 75 recommendations from my readers, and I hope to get a few more so that I can sell a roadster to pay the taxes due on the two cars. Taxes are expected to be around $ 125,000 per car.

If you have already configured your model 3, you can still add the code by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with the word "Referral" in the subject line.

Include in your email your name and contact information, the reservation number (starts with RN) and the referral code you would like to use.


I find it strange that Tesla makes it easier to use referral codes before the program is finalized. I think that just happened as part of a redesign of the design studio. The developers who updated the design studio might not know that the referral codes end.

I also find it strange that there are no countries in Asia. I have posted more news on Asia in an upcoming article.

So, if you've been waiting for a good reason to configure a Model 3 in Europe, this is the time! Not only will you receive a free charge, but you will now have it as part of the order at the beginning and will not have to wait until your order is manually updated.

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