Borussia Dortmund: That's why Leonardo Balerdi is already gone - Bundesliga

Medical check, signature, 3 training sessions - and back to South America!

60-hour quickie! That's why the new BVB star Balerdi is already gone again ...

Just three days after his commitment, Leonardo Balerdi (19 / for 16 million euros from Boca Juniors) climbed back into the plane after yesterday's morning session. His goal: Chile.

There, the Argentinian competes with the U-20 national team in the South American Championship (17 Jan. to 20 Feb.). Means: In the worst case, the defense talent Dortmund is missing about four weeks! Whether the BVB bosses have imagined the transfer at the current sick leave of their own defense so?

They were at least prepared for it: When BVB manager Michael Zorc (56) threaded the deal of the Boca junior talent, the center-back prepares with the Argentine junior selection in Talca (Chile) already on the tournament. Only when the transfer was on the home stretch, the Borussia bosses let him fly into Dortmund Monday morning. Now the renewed Balerdi-departure. Zorc: "We like to fulfill Leonardo's wish."

Background: After three training sessions, Favre put the new one through its paces. Since he saw in him, however, no immediate aid for the championship fight, he fulfilled the youngster his tournament dream.

The BVB fans have to wait a bit longer for the Balerid premiere. The right attitude seems to have the central defender already. Balerdi: "Dortmund is a club on a top level, I'm very happy. I will defend this jersey with life. "