Bielsa's Tactical Tactical Course which assumes espionage

The announcement of a non-scheduled convocation of journalists on Wednesday, for a press conference announced very late, had given rise to rumors of resignation from the unpredictable Marcelo Bielsa. It did not happen. And it was with a PowerPoint to prepare for the trip to Stoke City that the technician from Leeds put an end to the suspicions. At least on his alleged possible departure.

Instead of an announcement, the Argentinian had come for justifications. And to assume. Yes, he did spy on Derby County before the victory of the Championship leader last Friday (2-0), action that earned him to be under investigation by the English Federation. But Frank Lampard's men were not the only "victims" of the lynx eyes of the bielsist staff. "My goal is to simplify the investigation by giving all the necessary information," explains Marcelo Bielsa, "in a nutshell, I can say that we have observed all the rivals we have played against. our opponents before confronting them. "

"What we did is not illegal"

Once this is done, Marcelo Bielsa pleaded legality. "What we did was not illegal, it's not specified (in the regulation)," he says, "we can debate it, it's not considered a good thing, but it's not is not a violation of the law I know that everything that is legal is not good but all the bad things you do are not done with bad intentions Having bad behavior does not necessarily mean that you have bad intentions or intent to cheat. "

For if he recognizes this espionage, Marcelo Bielsa ensures that everything he knows about his opponents, he holds ... his analysis of games, not espionage. "I'm trying to make you understand that what I'm saying (that he's not getting any benefit from it) is true," he said, "of the 51 games we've seen players still playing for Derby. is not very useful, it does not put you in a better position to win a match, but to make the effort to know the players of the team is a way to respect football I can not speak English, but I can talk about the 24 teams in the Championship. "Each game takes four hours of analysis - it's a way to get to know the opponents - I'm a little ashamed to have to tell you that."

"How do I have this information? By the analysis of matches"

Marcelo Bielsa will have taken the time to detail all the figures around the game patterns of Derby County: how many times have Frank Lampard's men used this or that formation, which players have played at which positions, their movements on the field ... " It gives you priorities, sums up the Argentinean, I do not memorize everything but if I have a doubt, I can look at the documents How do I have this information? By the analysis of the matches And if I do all this today, it's because I think you do not believe me, I wanted to bring you the facts to convince you that I'm telling the truth. "

The Argentine technician then goes on a complete analysis of the match Derby against Bristol. "Same information, same analysis, even four hours spent compiling everything. The details are almost incomprehensible"A Yorkshire Evening Post journalist is having fun on Twitter, followed by a 41-minute video of the Derby attacks throughout the season, eventually reduced to eight minutes to show to the players. video of the same duration on some defensive points. "The idea, says Bielsa, is to give an overview of the opponent to the players in 15 minutes."

He knew more about Barça de Guardiola ... than Guardiola

Obviously not in a hurry (those who listened to his press conferences in Marseille will understand), the former coach of Bilbao has even offered his audience a focus on Harry Wilson, playmaker Derby. Still to prove that "all the data we have about Wilson, we know them from his past," he says. "I do not need to watch an opponent's training to know how he plays," adds Marcelo Bielsa, reporting all the data compiled on the set pieces of Derby County.

The Argentinian who will also tell that Pep Guardiola, seeing his notes after the defeat of Bilbao against Barça in the 2012 King's Cup final, told him that he knew more than him about his team. Before thanking his audience for his patience. "I want to be judged for my intentions," Bielsa insists, "I do not feel guilty, I have no bad intentions." Not sure Frank Lampard is of the same opinion, especially after Leeds' win against Derby.

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