Become rich by generating leads with this 5 step plan

What is lead generation?

In simple terms, lead generation is a method that allows you to capture prospect information and integrate it into your marketing system to ensure future relationships and potential profits.

Many have been written about lead generation and many marketing experts would let you believe that it is a black art, but if you know it well and you apply it, you can build your business for that. It lasts. By simply using a website and an autoresponder such as weber, you can easily start your own generation of leads.

What types of lead generation exist?

So, we now know what a simple definition of lead generation is, that we can explore what types of lead generation exist.

The first type of lead generation is known as CPA (Cost Per Action). In simple terms, it is simply a system that means the advertiser will pay an affiliate when a visitor takes the desired action. This action usually involves filling out a form containing one or more data fields requested by the advertiser.

The length of this data may vary from a field (postal code, for example) to a number of fields (name, address, email, phone number, etc.). Generally, the higher the number of data requested, the more the advertiser will pay the affiliate. Currently, for example, on Max Bounty, you can be paid $ 1.00 for a visitor who only entered a zip code. Compare this to a refinancing application that can hold up to 20 fields ranging from 150 to 200 USD.

You can easily fund CPA networks, as they are known by performing a search on

LCPA - Local cost per share

While the massive growth of CPA networks over the last twelve months, they still represent only a very small percentage of lead generation on the Internet. There is a new and very profitable method that is currently developing on the Internet. This new method of lead generation is known as LCPA (Local Cost Per Action). The CALA is like a CPA where the affiliate will be paid based on a defined action by visitors, except that there is no CPA network.

Instead, the affiliate can sell the prospect to local / national / international companies looking for leads on the Internet for their business. The real benefits of the CALA are that there are millions of companies around the world who are desperate to get potential customers. The biggest benefit to the affiliate is that he can charge whatever he wants for the "lead" that he has generated. This method is rapidly gaining popularity.

Why should you use lead generation?

Here is a better question: "What will happen if you can not email your list tomorrow?" Well, if you said "I do not know" or if you felt a sense of sudden loss, you NEED to start generating leads now . If you answer "good, it's good, I'll just send them a letter or call them back", you'll still be able to benefit from the information in this report.

The other major benefit of effective lead generation for your Internet (or physical) business is "lifetime value". By effectively using lead generation, you can increase the lifetime value of your list. With this method, you can easily have a highly targeted list whose lifetime value exceeds $ 1,000 per name!

You see, the better you collect and use more information about your visitors. It's not enough just to have their name and e-mail address, just imagine being able to send them targeted offers for their birthday and be able to earn $$$$, just by sending an e-mail with an offer. There are a number of great Internet marketers who are doing just that and are earning $ 10,000 - an additional $ 20,000 a year, because he used lead generation and captured their birthday, and then sent them a birthday card with a good birthday discount coupon! Now, do you see the power of lead generation?

Step One - Getting Started

We all know in real estate its location, location, location. In lead generation, it's about research, research, research. Without research, your lead generation campaign is dead even before you start. So many people are losing tons of $$$ simply by not doing effective research.

You must first get your information and then create a site. So many people do this in reverse, they build the site and then do the research! You have to spend more time here than anywhere else. If you succeed, you will be able to own the market.

Ok, so what research do we need? We need to know what offers exist in CPA networks. After all, there is no point in building a site without being able to monetize it!

So we go to the main CPA affiliate networks and open a new account. Some of these networks will want to review your site to allow your application. Once your request is approved, you will be able to see all the offers of this network.

Here is the list of the main CPA networks:

Max Bounty, Azoogle, Empire CPA, Link Sharing, Sharing a Sale, Main Ads, CPA Storm

Your goal -Get 10-15 niche market ideas. This part should take you more than 10-15 minutes. It is important to emphasize that you do not go for those who pay the most. You will do more with CPA offers from $ 1.00 to $ 2.00 rather than those that pay between $ 20 and $ 100. This is due to a number of factors, but the main thing is that there are more people who adhere to it, which makes registration at the right price more difficult.

Step 2 - Pre-select your CPA search and match

OK, we now have 10 to 15 niche market ideas on which we would like to build a list. The next thing to do is to see how many people are "active" in the market. To do this we will use Niche Bot Classic. You must also enter in the niche you want to market and see how many searches there are each month.

You can see this from the top if you target the "BMW Market", you will see more than 121 searches per day for the "Test Conditions of the Porsche Boxster vs. BMW Z8". "Now, this could be a great market for pairing with a CPA" Car Survey "offer that would pay between $ 1 and $ 2 each time you get a completed form.

You will also want to see if there are other opportunities for "mass traffic". To find out if there are opportunities for "mass traffic", go to Google and look for associations that may exist for which we could write an article or send a press release. So you just go to Google, enter "your keyword association" and view the statements, note it, and your existing research.

Once we have these data, we will come back to the ACP networks and look at least "FIND" at least THREE relevant ACP offers. Now, a word of caution here, your offers must be relevant to the market you are targeting. For example, in this BMW example, I would find on the CPA networks offers related to: automatic surveys, insurance offers, satellite navigation offers, car accessory offers, offers travel, auto deliverymen, etc. Do not just select the refinancing offers for your home. will match, because they will not make you money!

Objective: A single market with more than 20,000 searches per month in Overture has at least THREE good, well-matched CPA offerings.

Third step - The secret sites to generate leads

Congratulations! You are already ahead of the masses, conducting targeted searches and matching your offers, creating a very targeted and profitable list.

Now comes a crucial factor to make sure you succeed. Build an effective lead generation website. So many people are building websites that they believe will guarantee "entry benefits". They believe that if they post a standard page of "name compression" or "name capture", they will realize profits at the entry of the niche. Unfortunately, they build a site, generate traffic and make a list. However, they send one message after another to the list and earn little or now income.

With an effective lead generation website, you can dramatically reduce that number by capturing more data and "training" your subscribers to fill out forms for you to earn money AND ALWAYS communicate with them .

The "Triple C" lead generation marketing system

After generating thousands of leads through my network of websites, I've developed a simple but effective "marketing system" for lead generation, whether you want to generate leads for yourself or sell the data.

My simple "Triple C" lead generation marketing system consists of three simple but very profitable steps:

Capture - Offer report

Credit - Give them thanks and offer

Communicate - Use the autoresponder to develop a relationship and make offers.

Step Four - Drive traffic without losing your shirt

Now we have a quality lead generation website that we need traffic! As a site without traffic, it's like a business without traffic.

There are now tons of ways to drive traffic to a website. If you are already confident of generating traffic using the method of your choice, use it because this system works like a dream, no matter.

I tend to use pay-per-click traffic to check if a niche is worth spending time on. So I will drive traffic to my lead generation site in a few hours, then test and measure to see if it's worth spending more time increasing profits.

Secrets for Google AdWords

If you are not aware of Google AdWords, you have to live under a rock for about 4 years! I will not talk about Google AdWords set up here, and the many articles, courses and ezines cover the subject much better than I ever could have done. Personally, I would recommend to anyone interested in setting up AdWords to purchase the excellent Perry Marshall AdWords course to learn the basics and the most advanced techniques to ensure your success.

Test test test

Talk to any internet marketer who will tell you that tracking and testing are the key to succeeding online. Nothing is more true than when you do lead generation. If you want to sell on your prospects, it is essential to know exactly how much it costs to convert a prospect, so you can resell it with a profit. I cover this in detail in my lead generation videos. However, even if you are going to generate your own tracks, you must follow and test! I can not explain this point clearly enough, testing titles, fonts, subtitles, calls to actions, etc. can literally make or break your business on the internet.

Step Five - Backend Profit Building

As I said before, money is not in the list, but what you do with it. We want to continue to keep in touch with our subscribers and continue to offer them great value by being part of our list. At this point, the crucial question to ask yourself when sending offers is "Am I going to respond to this offer? If the answer is no, I will try to modify your offer so that you get the best answer possible.

The key here with ANY NOW offer is to make sure you do not simply direct them to your affiliate page. Because we want to "train" our subscribers to use our website, let's remind them that we value them every time they read our follow-up emails. To do this, we must make sure that they keep coming back to our website.

To do this, we are using our old friend IFRAME again. Instead of just sending them to your affiliate link, send them to a separate page of your website with an IFRAME on it with your affiliate offer in IFRAME. This increases the rigidity of the subscribers and ensures that they stay longer on your page and your ezine.

Now, if you do not have your own products to offer, you can get them from the excellent resource that is ClickBank. ClickBank is a great way to find niche products. You can also use the public domain, search eBay to buy reprint rights, or even create your own.

In addition, you can search CPA networks and affiliate networks for matching offers. Here are some of my favorite affiliate networks that I use to find matching offers in order to add value to my list:

ClickBank, Commission Junction, Clix Galore, Affiliate Fuel, Link Share

Create your own profits for life

There is no doubt the best way to ensure profits for life is to create your own products. You can do this by asking your list what they would like to get by using online surveys. I like to use Ask Database to ask my list for the help they need. By asking your list of what they would like to receive from you, this means that when you publish the product, you have a much better chance of selling it as they requested. Ed Dale and Frank Kern have used this method very well to create ebooks based on visitors' responses to their questions in their Underachiever method.

Therefore, once you have created a relationship with your list and generated revenue to generate a profit from your AdWords traffic, you must create your own products to guarantee your future profits.