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The press review of the day, this saturday 19 january 2019

Balotelli, finally the end?
A positive outcome seems about to be found in the file Mario Balotelli, who could commit for the next six months with OM. There was optimism last night in the Marseilles camp, and the hypothesis of an imminent signing was gaining momentum. On the side of Nice, we brushed aside the idea of ​​a loan until May, proposed by the Olympian leaders. An assembly that would have preserved the tax advantage for foreign employees working on French soil. The initial scheme remains privileged: the lease of the whimsical transalpine will be terminated once he has found an agreement with his future club. Find a file on Jacques-Henri Eyraud in the face of the crisis, as well as all the regional news in Provence.

Poulmaire: "McCourt did not pick up OM to be in the middle of the table "
Adviser Frank McCourt during the resumption of OM in 2016, Didier Poulmaire has no effective role in Marseille for a year. Business lawyer says he has no ambition to succeed OM's president Jacques-Henri Eyraudeven though he is following the current crisis: "No, it's not my role, I would not accept it more than I accepted it at the time of the initiation of the deal, I never expressed this wish to join the management of the OM: It's not my job every day. " Poulmaire admits he continues to believe in the OM Champions Project: "Frank McCourt did not return to OM to be in the middle of the table, his ambition has always been to be a champion, he has given himself between five and ten years, he has the resource." Find the presentation of the 21st day of Ligue 1, as well as all the sports news in The Team.

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Balotelli's business to Marseille
While he continues to train alone so as not to make a mistake with his employer, the OGC Nice, who does not intend to give him any gift, Mario Balotelli these last days organized his move and left the luxurious house he rented on the Villefranche-sur-Mer side. The few cases he had had were deposited in a furniture store in Nice, before taking the direction soon ... Marseille, which suggests that the OM and the player would not be very far from a contractual agreement. Find news in Nice Nice morning.