Arc International employees invited to work more to save the company

Illustration of the Arc International factory in Arques, Pas-de-Calais. (Archives) - Trust / SIPA

The Arc International glassworks is said to lack cash. The management of the company, based in Arques, in the Pas-de-Calais, has just announced to its employees a strategy of recovery over two years, during an extraordinary works council,
according to France 3. It is a question of modifying the working time

General Manager Tristan Borne is asking employees to work harder to avoid filing for bankruptcy through a reorganization plan called Synergy 2020.

Order book filled

According to him, "the cost of personnel is 50% overall of our costs and, in one way or another, it must be possible to amortize them more easily". Because, even if the order book of the world leader of the tableware is filled, the lack of cash could jeopardize the investments.

Asked by France 3, the union delegate FO denounces blackmail employment: "The employees have already paid for the restructuring by dismissals, others by freezing wages and still others on the social benefits. They do not want to pay a second time! ".

Negotiations between management and unions will begin.