Apple and Samsung: why the profits of these two mobile giants are falling

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Apple and Samsung announced that they will earn less than expected in the last quarter of 2018. Why?

Apple and Samsung started the new year with bad news.

The two leading companies in the world of mobile telephony, announced in less than a week that your earnings for the last quarter of 2018 they were much lessres of what they expected.

Samsung said in a statement on Tuesday night that it estimates an operating profit of US $ 9.670 million for the period October to December of last year, 29% less compared to the same period of 2017.

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And these weak profits of the world's largest smartphone maker are added to the concerns of investors for Apple (third on the list after the Chinese Huawei) that last week announced an unusual fall in its profits also the last quarter of 2018.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed to China as his main source of displeasure.

Apple's chief executive, Time Cook, said on Wednesday that the company estimates the revenue from around US $ 84,000 million for the last three months of last year, below a forecast of at least US $ 89,000 million.

This announcement not only alerted investors but the stock market in general.

The same day, Apple shares fell 10%, at a value of US $ 142.19. And in just four trading days of 2019, the title value of the manzanita company has already lost US $ 10.

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As in other consumer products companies, the end of the year holiday season tends to drive the last of the year as the strongest quarter.

But these Apple revenue forecasts (the final results will be published in early February) would mark a fall of almost 5% over the same period last year and represent the first quarterly interannual decrease in the company since 2016.

And the situation in the house of Apple's big rival in the cell phone market, Samsung, does not seem to be great for celebrations either.

The South Korean company reported a drop in sales of 10% compared to the last quarter of 2017.

Chinese economy

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Samsung expects its earnings to remain moderate in 2019, but analysts are pessimistic.

What are the main reasons why the profits of Apple and Samsung fell?

Both Apple and Samsung do not usually give explanations about their earnings forecasts, but this time they broke that habit.

Samsung decided to issue a statement giving some details about the fourth quarter earnings estimates for "alleviate confusion" among investors, because the forecast was well below market forecasts.

"We expect earnings to remain moderate in the first quarter of 2019 due to the difficult conditions for the memory chip business," he said.

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Analysts polled by Reuters expect instead that Samsung's earnings will continue to fall in 2019 due to the fact that The slowdown in the Chinese economy erodes the demand for its chips and phones.

Samsung is one of the leaders in the global smart phone market, but faces growing competition from Chinese rivals such as Huawei.

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Apple also suffers from the fall of customers in other countries.

Apple's problems also come from China. In a letter to investors, the director of Apple pointed to the Asian giant as the source of their difficulties. In that country, it generates around 20% of its income.

"Although we anticipate some challenges in key emerging markets, We did not know how to predict the magnitude of the economic slowdown, especially in China"he declared.

This is the first time in 15 years that the iPhone manufacturer analyzed its financial results in a letter to its investors.

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Commercial war and sales

In addition to the problems with the slowdown in the economy, Apple said that the commercial tensions The United States and China had damaged consumer confidence.

"As the climate of increasing uncertainty weighed on the financial markets, the effects seemed to reach consumers as well, and traffic to our retail stores and channel partners in China decreased as the quarter progressed," Cook wrote in the letter.

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Finally, the CEO of Apple also recognized that fewer customers than expected from developed countries opted to update their iPhones.

This confirms that iPhones sales are falling. And some analysts say that Apple's new fall reflects certain problems that the technology company has been dragging for some time.

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