Ancelotti assures that Zidane changed his way of conceiving football

ROMA - Carlo Ancelotti, current coach of Napoli and ex-defender of Real Madrid, has assured that French Zinedine Zidane, which he trained twenty years ago in his time in the Juventus Turin, "changed" his way of conceiving football.

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Ancelotti he explained that Zidane, which also had as an assistant in the Real Madrid, convinced him to adapt the tactical schemes to the qualities of his players and that the experience as a Madrid coach was the most formative of his career, in an interview published on Saturday by the Italian newspaper "Corriere dello Sport".

"Zidane at Juventus changed my idea of ​​soccer. At Parma I rejected the signing of Roberto Baggio, one of the greatest talents of Italian football, because he had (Enrico) Chiesa and to (the Argentine, Hernán) Curly. I was betting on a football that locked players in pre-established positions and that did not foresee a half-tip, "he said.

"If that had happened after the change of mind he gave me Zidane I would have stayed with Baggio. With Zidane I did the opposite process. I built the team around the champion, I made him a tailor-made suit, "he added. Ancelotti, who worked with "Zizou" at Juventus from 1999 to 2001.

The Italian coach again coincided with Zidane in its stage in the Real Madrid, when the Frenchman was his second coach in 2014, year ended with the conquest of the tenth Champions League of the Real Madrid team won in Lisbon, against Atletico Madrid.

After working that year with Ancelotti, Zidane trained the subsidiary Real Madrid Castilla before taking command of the first team in 2016, and making history with conquering three European Cups consecutive, in Milan 2016, Cardiff 2017 and Kiev 2018.

The stage in the Spanish capital, lasted between 2013 and 2015, was the most formative for Ancelotti, admitted the same coach, both at football level and life in general.

"The eight years that I did in the Milan they are something separate from the rest. But if you want the truth I tell you that (the most formative was) Madrid. Madrid because it is Madrid and because all coaches should be able to work in a city like that, "he said.

Ancelotti he also remembered with pleasure the house in which he stayed in Madrid, a spacious attic with a view of the Puerta de Alcalá and the Retiro Park.

Currently the Italian coach is in charge of Naples, who arrived last summer, and explained that he is very comfortable in his new club, which occupies the second position in the A series (First division), 9 points from the leader Juventus.

He assured that the staff of the southern group is more balanced with respect to the one he had in the Real Madrid, in which, he considered, there was a lot of difference in value between the habitual owners, the "non-negotiable", as he used to define them, and the substitutes.