Amazon ahead of Microsoft on Wall Street -

The online business has taken the lead on the US stock market, becoming the most expensive private company in the world.

The Forbes ranking of the richest men on the planet had already put in first place Jeff Bezos, in front of Bill Gates. Monday, January 7, it also became the case for their respective companies. Amazon beat Microsoft on Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange.

After an increase of 3.44%, the online trading giant was valued at 797 billion dollars, against 783 for the computer company. However, this progression owes nothing to a particular topicality. The course is not even at a record high for the old online bookstore. In early September 2018, the value of the company had managed to exceed the $ 1 trillion mark, a few weeks after Apple.

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Amazon, from bookseller to digital giant

After starting selling books online in 1994, Amazon is today one of the leading digital players, the famous GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). In addition to e-commerce, the company offers online storage services, intelligent voice assistants, and music and video streaming services.

The fortune of its founder, Jeff Bezos, was estimated Monday at 135 billion dollars, a figure however submitted during the action of the company. The whimsical billionaire and discreet supporter of transhumanism is also the founder of an aerospace company, Blue Origin, and the owner of the American daily newspaper Washington Post.

The Cross (with AFP)