Aldi starts with back-offensive: What the rolls cost now at the discount store

Aldi Süd has to rethink for two reasons. The baking machines on the one hand no longer seem contemporary. Across the industry, the bread counter has become established over the years, and customers are likely to use it more often. The counter gives more quality and freshness than an automat can. Another reason is the much greater variety that a counter can offer compared to the vending machine.

Aldi Süd deliberately placed the new bread counters next to the classic snack offerings, where customers can find sandwiches, salads, cereals or juices. Aldi Süd wants to compete with restaurants, fast food chains, bakeries and canteens. Finally, you can stock up on the lunch break with a cheap and even healthy snack here.

Of course, Aldi Süd also wants to boost sales. According to an employee at CHIP's request, Penny was able to register a significant increase in visitors thanks to the new bread counter and the expansion of the snack offering, especially during the noon hours.