Aldi: customer is upset about a branch - now he expects public

On Facebook, a customer expects a branch of Aldi. He looked closely at what went wrong with the store in his neighborhood.

Munich - He had been waiting for years for an Aldi South branch in his neighborhood. In March 2018, the long-held wish for a Munich finally was to be fulfilled. But a few months later, nothing is as it should be in the branch in the Riem Arcaden. At least that's what the angry local resident writes in a Facebook post. "Unfortunately, I am disappointed with every visit, in terms of choice, freshness, order and friendliness", the customer starts his billing. He knows no problems like this from any other Aldi South location.

When asked about the half-empty fruit and vegetable tray, one person in charge recently reacted rather unusually. "He said that's intentional; then not so much must be thrown away, "writes the Munich astonished.

Aldi refrigerated shelves contain disgusting find

With this photo, the user pictures his complaint.

© Facebook

The unattractive coronation of his shopping experiences: expired trout fillets in the refrigerated shelf. A proof photo is attached to the social media lawsuit. "I have actually been a convinced Aldi customer for many years, and the occurrence of this market hurts me," the Munich resident quarreled with the discount store of his trust.

Another Facebook user agrees: "Yesterday I was in the same branch. It all looked like the whole day was not nested. Unfortunately, this was not the first time that such chaos reigned there. "

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Aldi answers the customer and makes promise

On request, Aldi Süd comments on the allegations by e-mail: "In order to provide our customers with the best possible purchase, we attach great importance to the reliable quality of our goods and a flawless appearance of our branches. If we do not succeed, we are very sorry. "

Now check how it came to the offending conditions. "We want to make sure that such mistakes do not happen again if possible," promises the company.


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