Airbnb has paid 24 million euros of tourist tax to 23,000 cities in 2018

Strasbourg, an owner who rents a room. - G. Varela 20 Minutes

Good news for local finances. Airbnb has paid 24 million euros of tourist tax on tourist rentals in 2018 to 23,000 cities in France, announced the platform this Friday.

The previous year, this amount was almost half as much, to 13.5 million euros collected in 50 cities, this legal obligation - reinforced recently - being so far little respected on the platforms of tourist rental. Three cities have received the largest amounts of tourist tax: Paris, which concentrates 65,000 ads on the platform, comes largely in the lead with 7.5 million euros, against 1.1 million for Nice and 1 million for Marseille, precise a statement.

Automated collection

Emmanuel Marill, Director of Airbnb for France, welcomes a "breakthrough" (the now automated collection of tax), which "improves the daily lives of more than 400,000 hosts who more easily fulfill their obligations and contribute to the local taxation ".

In November, the National Union for the promotion of vacation rentals that brings together the main platforms (Airbnb, HomeAway Abritel-LeBonCoin, Tripadvisor ...) had considered "technically impossible to implement" as of January 1, 2019 this automated collection. The platforms had asked, unsuccessfully, its postponement to July 1, stirring the emotions of hotel organizations that had denounced "yet another provocation from the digital giants."

A penalty provided in case of non-collection

The National Group of Independents of Hotel and Catering (GNI) and AhTop, the Association for Accommodation and Tourism Professionals, also denounced the low amount of taxes paid by Airbnb for 2017, namely "161,000 euros for an estimated turnover in France to 200 million euros".

The Elan law (evolution of housing, development and digital) sanctions now the non-collection of the tourist tax by tourist rental platforms: they are liable to a fine ranging from 750 to 2,500 euros. It also imposes a fine of up to 50,000 euros on platforms that do not transmit the count of the nights during which the accommodation is rented, or offering principal residences already booked more than 120 days in the year.