Ahli: Do not shudder with "high voice" .. The escalation against Zamalek head continues

Sherif Fouad, spokesman for Al Ahli club, said that the escalation against what was announced by the chairman of Zamalek club continues, and there are more steps to escalate in the coming period, but the Council is currently waiting for the position of state officials.

The Board of Directors of Al Ahly Club, chaired by Mahmoud Al Khatib, submitted a number of complaints to the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Supreme Council of Information, the Values ​​Committee of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, the Ethics Committee of the Egyptian Football Federation and the Minister of Youth and Sports against abuses by Zamalek president.

"We will not accept any violation of any of the symbols of the club and its officials and players and the masses, and we will not respond to abuses in the same way, Ahli club is great, and always behaves like adults, was resorted to legitimate methods, and our methods Doors of Egyptian state officials. "

"The National Council has now submitted all the papers and complaints to the officials of the Egyptian state, waiting for their reaction to this matter, but certainly, Ahli knows how to get his rights, and escalation continues, and steps have already been studied in this file."

"Ahli has always had good relations with Zamalek and his officials as the second pole of Egyptian sport, but recently there have been accusations and abuses by Zamalek president against the board of Ahli and its president Mahmoud Khatib.

"Ahli is working in the light, and there is nothing to hide from the public opinion, Ahli is not a state within the state, Ahli is a national institution, it knows its duty towards the homeland, Ahli is always the maker of happiness for the Egyptian people, according to the law".

"We hope that the calm will return to Egyptian sports, especially football. We expect state officials to review Al Ahli's complaints and make decisive decisions. Ahli will get his right to the law and legitimacy, and none of his officials will slip away in order to respond to abuses. "He said.

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