Adapt BB: The new Nike self-tying shoe is cheaper & better

The idea of ​​self-ironing shoes has a very long history at Nike. From the cult movie "Back to the Future" to the presentation of the first true mass model Hyper Adapt 1.0 two decades had passed. Now follows in this famous sneaker story the next chapter: Nike has introduced the Adapt BB, which improves the technology and cuts the price in half.

The self-shining shoe enters the next phase

At the end of 2016, under the heading "Appointments: Nike Sells Self-Constricting Shoes from November," Nike announced that it had released its first self-lacing shoe for the mass market under the name Hyper Adapt 1.0. With its complicated technology and a price of over 700 euros, the high-tech sneaker was clearly too complex and expensive for a really wide distribution. All this is about to change with the new Adapt BB model, which Nike has recently put on display on a product page.
Nike Adapt BBThe new technology unit ...
Nike Adapt BB... makes Adapt BB better and cheaperThe decisive breakthrough for better mass performance Nike wants to have achieved thereby with the development of a new engine unit, which took three years and a fifty-person engineering team. In a small housing, which can be found in the midsole, you bring in addition to a motor and a coil for tightening the laces, even the 505 mAh battery and the sensors - on board are now including a gyroscope and Acceleration sensors and a "capacitive copper layer" to measure the force distribution of the foot.
The new engine should be able to muster up to 240 Newton meters of force, which should enable maximum lace-up strength under all conditions. The built-in battery should be sufficient for 10 to 20 days. The Adapt BB is loaded like the predecessor model by induction. It should be sufficient for 3 hours on the included Qi-compatible charging mat to completely fill the power storage. All this technique should be designed to survive the life of a shoe "under the toughest conditions".

Better and cheaper, but not cheap enough

The idea of ​​the adaptive system has not changed: The lacing, pressure and fit should be electronically optimally adapted to the shape of the foot - adjustments are made to two buttons on the sole, which can be individually illuminated thanks to LEDs. The new Nike Adapt app also makes it possible for the first time to change the characteristics of the shoe on the smartphone. Here the carrier can store preferences, for example, for sports and leisure modes.

Nike can then offer the Adapt BB at a significantly lower price than its predecessor, but at $ 350, most will continue to shy away from making a purchase. The Nike Adapt BB is currently only available for presale in the US, with global sales expected to begin on February 17th.
App, Nike, Sneaker, Nike Hyper Adapt, Nike Adapt BB, Adapt BB
App, Nike, Sneaker, Nike Hyper Adapt, Nike Adapt BB, Adapt BB