Action Logement will invest 9 billion to help "the most modest"

"Action Logement" finances notably real estate loans and the construction of social housing. - JAUBERT / SIPA

The parity Action Housing (formerly 1% Housing) will invest 9 billion euros in the framework of a plan "which is a concrete response to
purchasing power issues for the most modest employees, "announced Thursday its chairman Bruno Arcadipane.

The investments must notably concern the energy renovation of housing, the mobility of the employees and the search of buildings and empty offices to transform them into housing, explained Bruno Arcadipane, by stating that it was about "9 billions of additional euros compared to the commitments that were signed "previously.

An "ambitious" and "exemplary" plan

"This is a very important plan proposed by the social partners and Action Logement", for its part reacted the Minister in charge of the City and Housing, Julien Denormandie. "This ambitious plan is also exemplary because it witnesses the quality of the dialogue between social partners and is also an example of work of trust between the social partners and the government," he said. "You will be able to count on my support, always so present and determined, so that what was announced today becomes reality as soon as possible," said the minister.

"The plan was voted yesterday (Tuesday) at the end of the afternoon, tell you that everything would be framed and fixed it would be wrong," said Bruno Arcadipane, who said the plan would be funded for a third by two-thirds by borrowing.

The organization "proposes that 4 billion are devoted to the financing of subsidized loans, that 3 billion are made in the form of equity commitment and 2 billion in subsidies," also said Action Housing, according to which "these measures are in addition to 15 billion committed by Action Logement within the framework of the five-year Convention signed with the State in 2018 ".

"The first discussions started well before the" yellow vests "movement," said Bruno Arcadipane. "The social partners who work alongside Action Logement on a daily basis have never expected anything to give a strong impetus and momentum to this movement".