Act 9 Yellow Vests: Bourges in a state of siege

"I'm afraid it's violent! I do not fear the yellow vests that have demonstrated peacefully. But those who will come to Bourges to break. I did my shopping yesterday. Saturday, I will stay at home! Says 70-year-old retiree Jocelyne, after figures from the movement have called for demonstrations at Bourges for Act 9. "I'm worried and serene! ensures for its part the mayor of the town, Pascal Blanc. Worried because our city of 68,000 inhabitants has never known that, but serene because our municipality took the necessary measures! "

The town hall and most of the car parks will be closed on Saturday, as well as the museums and the media library. City officials removed some Christmas lights. They also removed the nineteen timestamps identified in the hypercentre. "At 6,000 euros each, we prefer to be careful," says the mayor. Carpenters even cut wood panels to close the holes.

The elected also calls the traders "with the greatest caution". Jean-Louis Tabare, president of the merchants of the main arteries of downtown, spent his day distributing a leaflet in which he recalls some common sense instructions: "Do not leave trestles, cardboard, garbage on the sidewalk to avoid fires and projections, remove the products from the showcase. "

"Shields of Gauls!"

St├ęphane Jacquet, hatter, presides the office of commerce and crafts of Bourges. For him, "no way to close the first Saturday sales! Even if our little Renaissance streets can not support such an event. We do not want to give in to blackmail! If it heats, we'll pull the curtain. And we will wait for it to happen! Banks preferred to take the lead by closing their branches. And by having boards of wood to protect their windows.

The Yellow Vests have already settled Seraucourt place, from where the procession Saturday morning. The Berruyers promise: "We are pacifists, and we will remain so! Yohann says. But we still prepare shields, made with lids of garbage! Shields of Gauls! "

What does not smile Catherine Ferrier, prefect of Cher. "This gathering is a dangerous crowd! She says, before saying, "I did not forbid planned walking around the city center. I did not allow it because the yellow vests did not ask me. I authorized it for the CGT who declared it. I banned the demonstration from coming to the city center with the legal consequences in the event of disturbances to public order. "