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This year, the UAZ Patriot will get a long-awaited option - an automatic transmission. In anticipation of this event, we decided to recall previous experiments on installing “automata” on Ulyanovsk all-terrain vehicles.

Experiments with the implantation of foreign power units in the Oise began a long time ago, back in the seventies. And the founder was not the factory, but the Italian businessmen brothers Vittorio, Luigi and Filippo Martorelli. They agreed with Avtoeksport, set up deliveries of cars to Italy, launched an advertising campaign and even reworked the UAZ-469 off-road cars, installing European engines, hard roofs, power steering, new seats and other equipment that appeared on conveyor machines only after the collapse of the USSR . However, the replacement of gearboxes Martorelli did not reach. Both the 76-horsepower diesel Peugeot XD2, and the 100-horsepower VM turbo diesel, and the Fiat gasoline engine (112 hp) worked only in tandem with a standard mechanical transmission.

The UAZ Marahton all-terrain vehicle modified by Martorelli had a 76-horsepower Peugeot diesel engine under the bonnet, but it worked in tandem with the standard "mechanics"

In the nineties, a wave of UAZ tuning rose in Russia. But even at home, the “goat” in those years of the “automaton” did not wait. But the more comfortable and expensive off-road vehicles of the UAZ-3160/3162 family, of which the Patriot subsequently “grew”, the question of alternative transmissions became more acute.

In 2000, at the Moscow Motor Show, an experienced UAZ-3162T debuted at the Moscow Motor Show, built by the plant in conjunction with the Nizhny Novgorod company Tekhnoservis, which then made a name for itself on tuning domestic cars (mostly Volga). Modification T was a kind of a forerunner of the Patriot, who subsequently got the front panel and many other nodes and elements. With the exception of the power unit.


In the UAZ-3162T implanted installation, known for numerous SUVs and pickups Toyota, is a gasoline engine V6 3.4 c index 5VZ-FE and a four-stage "automatic". Now that exhibition copy is stored in the museum of UAZ. In the following years, Simbiruses with such a filling were collected at the Uazov PAMS (Production of small series cars), however they were too expensive and did not gain much popularity.

Nevertheless, a precedent was created, and tuners and bloggers were actively involved. It is easy to find examples of installing foreign-engine units on Russian off-road vehicles on the web. As a rule, used a gasoline or diesel engine Toyota or Nissan paired with a proven "automatic". One of the most popular is the four-box Aisin 30-40LE (A340). Not only the Patriots are subject to such tuning, but even the Hunters and the "loaves".

The American company Devolro in 2015 swung at the construction of a small batch of totally rebuilt Patriots with borrowed units. Turbodiesel "from a well-known manufacturer" volume of 3.5 and 4.0 liters were announced in conjunction with mechanical and automatic transmissions. But due to currency instability the project could not be started. In 2017, the company revised its plans and promised to release a tuning Hunter, but it's still there.

Pictured here UAZ-Devolro never became a reality

And why not leave the native motor, attaching to it someone else's "automatic"? This operation is more difficult, because you need not just dock the units, but also calibrate the electronic components. For tuning such a difficult task. However, if we are talking about a serial car, this approach has its own reason: both for the manufacturer and for the consumer, the car will be cheaper. At UAZ itself, the topic of automatic transmission smoldered for a long time, periodically flashing and fading again. For example, in 2015, Evgeny Galkin, then head of the plant's scientific and technological center, said that the supplier of automatic transmissions for the Patriot had already been identified and there were no technical problems for integrating the unit into the design with the standard engine. Then everything came up against exchange rates, which buried even such a relatively budget option.

UAZ Patriot with Aisin "automatic"

But if it does not make a plant, it means that someone else does it. This unwritten rule of the domestic auto industry has once again confirmed ... the official service of UAZ vehicles in the Moscow Region Shcherbinka. TD UAZ Motors has developed a project for the serial installation of the Aisin 30-40LE (A340) automatic machine, which fell in love with tuners, not only for Ulyanovsk SUVs, but also for Gazelles and Sobols. For example, reworking the Patriot costs 170 thousand rubles. However, there is one caveat: the boxes are used not new, but recycled used ones. The guarantee, however, is given: one year or 30 thousand kilometers. At the moment, more than 50 Patriots have passed the conversion, as well as several Pickup and Cargo models.

UAZ Patriot with Aisin "automatic"

In 2018, the same company prepared a project for installing such an “automaton” on UAZ Hunter: the Lebanese firm Ultimate Fahed became the customer, which since September has been officially distributing UAZ on the domestic market, and its representatives on the eve attended a test drive of a two-pedal Patriot. According to Autoreview, the Lebanese company has already delivered six sets, and its specialists have completed a course on refitting Hunter. In addition to the “automaton”, the kit includes a Russian-made air conditioner and a turbocharger, which raises the power of the new ZMZ-409 engine to 180–185 hp, and the power goes up to about 175 hp.

UAZ Patriot with Aisin "automatic"

You can become the owner of Hunter with two pedals in Russia: the installation of the contractual “automatic machine” Aisin 30-40LE (A340) will cost 185,500 rubles, and if you pass the company your own “mechanics”, the price will decrease by ten thousand. By the way, it is possible to order a new box instead of a second one. However, in this case, the four-stage unit will cost 400 thousand rubles! Another 80-100 thousand add transfer case, and together with the payment of standard hours for the installation amount will be at least 560 thousand rubles ... Almost like a new Hunter!

UAZ Hunter with Aisin "automatic"

But if you have your eye on the Patriot with the "automatic", then it is worth waiting for the factory model, the prospects of which we have already told. First, UAZ will install much more modern six-speed Punch Powerglide 6L50 gearboxes on cars. Secondly, the adjustment of the resulting power unit, carried out at the factory, will surely be much more successful than that of the converted machines. But thirdly - a full factory warranty.

According to unofficial data, the first product Patriots with the "automatic" will go off the assembly line in March 2019, but they will go on sale a little later. Most likely, UAZ will start selling closer to the second half of the year.