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The winter sales may be able to make up for the complicated end of the year for French merchants. Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and all other e-merchants also plan to make their mark with competitive promotions on a large part of their inventory. These discounts are not there to last since they are conditioned by the stocks. Before entering the good plans of this Saturday, here are the actors who participate in the edition of the winter sales in 2019.

Every year, winter sales can save significant amounts of money on many types of products. General sites like Amazon or Cdiscount are ready for this new edition and flood the market hundreds of thousands of promotions. In the case of the last, Cdiscount, there are 3 million references that will be reduced by the end of the sales. In the meantime, here are the best offers of the moment:

Sales: the top of live offers

Updated: January 19, 10:48

Products discounted for sales and displayed above are available from leading e-merchants such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty. These offers are always conditioned by a stock limit - and they are also sometimes limited by time. This is the principle of flash sales that only last a few hours after which they disappear.

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During sales, it is also during flash sales that we find the highest discount percentages. It means in parallel that you have to constantly scan the merchant sites to see when the products are on sale flash. It's sometimes a little complicated, and that's why we have prepared a list of the best deals in real time during sales. It is updated often and includes the best deals of all merchants. Do not hesitate to come back regularly to this page to find the good deals of the day.

Sale: Amazon or Cdiscount, which one to choose?

From one promotion period to another, the actors are not always the same. If we had to count on Amazon for Black Friday, it's Cdiscount who takes the lead on these winter sales - as well as the French Days. The French general merchant promised that it would put more than 3 million references in reduction for this new sales period in 2019. It is three times more than what was on sale on Amazon during the black Friday of last November.

discount cdiscount

But what is most impressive for these sales at Cdiscount is that the e-merchant has planned to offer discounts of up to 80% on quality products. He has set up on his site a system of categorization of the articles which makes it possible to see for each thematic the percentages of discount associated. For this second markdown, we can find for example up to 60% discount on home appliances or -50% on computer. For sales at Cdiscount, you can find all types of discounted product - a bit like Amazon.

If the discount percentage is so high during sales, there is a reason. Indeed, French merchants are prohibited from selling at a loss outside the sales period. They can only rely on the winter and summer sales to sell products they can not sell with high percentages.

Winter sales, 20% of turnover?

The winter sales period of 2019 is a crucial moment for all merchants - even more after the demonstrations that took place in France and penalized businesses. Whether it's physical shops or the internet, winter sales account for about 20% of merchants' revenue - which is not insignificant. To reach these volumes, they are forced to make substantial promotions to attract the world. And this is what is currently seen among Amazon, Cdiscount, Boulanger, Fnac or Darty who are fighting to seduce customers.

During the first two weeks of sales, you will have the opportunity to find thousands of popular promotional products, which concern the biggest brands on the market: Bose, Philips, Samsung, Huawei or Apple offer promotions at sales at the largest online merchants. Rebates are usually even more generous than in physical stores that are necessarily more limited by inventory.

Whether physical stores or online merchants like Amazon, Cdiscount, Darty or Boulanger, you should know that the customer enjoys the same benefits as when they are not sales. In other words, he enjoys at least a period of 14 days during which he can retract his purchase, even if he bought it on sale. Once again, the big challenge during Amazon or Cdiscount sales is not to see the product you want to expire from its promotion.

We are already at the 2nd mark of the balances, and the first stockouts are felt. It is advisable to go on its product promotion as soon as the additional markdowns do not add much reduction. For example, on Cdiscount's home appliances, there was a 5% increase in rebate between the first and second markdown for these 2019 winter sales.

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