6 Information about the announcer that caused the loss of the founder of Amazon half of his wealth

Hours after Jeff Bezos announced his divorce from his wife, several reports circulated alleging a relationship between the founder of Amazon and the anchorwoman Lorena Sanchez, who was the cause of the divorce, the British Business Insider 5 presented information about this girl, Bezos half his fortune because of his separation from his wife after a 25-year marriage:

1. I worked for a long time as a reporter and news anchor.

2. I have a diploma in aviation and lead pilots and helicopters.

3. Established its own air photography company, named "Black Ops Aviation" in 2016.

4. She played the role of a news reporter in a handful of movies and television shows

5. So You Think You Can Dance.

6. Still married to Patrick Whitsel, but they announced their separation as a couple.