30% discount for regular highways

To offset the increase in toll rates from 1.8% to 1.9%st February, highway companies have agreed, Thursday, January 17, to make a gesture for regular trips. This reduction, "without compensation" according to the government, could benefit one million motorists.

This is an unprecedented concession that the motorway concession companies accepted on January 17: a discount of 30% on the price of tolls for motorists making at least ten same trips round trip per month, without distance limitation, from 1st February. And this, insisted the Minister of transport Élisabeth Borne in front of journalists, without any counterpart of the State, the local authorities or the users ...

Highway toll increases worry government

The details of the operation should be known by the end of the month on the websites of motorway companies. We already know that the price of the subscription allowing this discount will not exceed € 2.5 per month and that it will only be offered to drivers of cars or motorbikes. These new offers will be added to the local subscription formulas already available for peri-urban commuting.

In practice, a motorist must indicate in advance which is the path concerned and he must have an electronic toll badge. The 30% discount should apply from the 11e round trip detected, but also retroactively on the first 10.

€ 29.20 savings between Verdun and Metz

According to some examples provided by the government, a driver traveling 10 times a month between Verdun and Metz had to pay monthly € 102 tolls in 2018 and will pay only € 72.80, a saving of 29.20 €. Similarly, the motorist realizing 10 round trip between Nîmes and Montpellier paid € 60 per month and will only pay € 43.40.

"Nearly one million motorists could benefit from this offer"said Borne, who said the 30% rebate could cost the dealerships tens of millions of euros. According to the ministry, the latter would not have gone so far in the first place.

Still, they also had an interest in making a move in the current situation, according to the ministry. Their tolls have been particularly targeted by the deterioration of "Yellow vests". In addition, they know that the debate on the takeover of motorway concessions is recurrent in France.

An increase of 1.8 to 1.9%

This effort is required then, as every year, the tariffs of the tolls must increase the 1st February. An evolution that should average 1.8 or 1.9% and set according to strict calculation rules based on contracts that bind the state to dealers.

Vests yellow, Vinci renounces the money lost at tolls

Disappointed, such an increase fell very badly in the context of "yellow vests", hence this government demand for highway companies and acceptance of them. On the other hand, the government does not intend to freeze tariffs as in 2015 at the initiative of former Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal. A gel that results in a catch-up from 2019. On the 1.8% increase to 1st February, this catching up account for nearly 0.3%.

Michel Waintrop